Ferguson Plarre CEO

Be the best, not the biggest: Ferguson Plarre CEO’s recipe for success

Sarah Stowe
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Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses is an iconic, heritage chain of bakeries that now boasts over 85 stores across Victoria with a strong focus on profitability.

Steve was appointed CEO of Plarre Foods Group in July 2012. He’s a fourth generation Aussie retailer and the leader of a business that has now navigated two World Wars, two pandemics, The Great Depression and his own multi-generational family challenges.

After overseeing the buyout of the Ferguson family in 2012 he has helped rebuild the family brand to become an award-winning, sustainable business.

The Ferguson Plarre CEO is also a bit of a muso, with a spoof version of a Mary Poppins song going viral and getting more than one million views during lockdown.

In this podcast Steve reveals what drives him in business, how he balances heritage with innovation, and why sustainability is part of the plan.