McDonald's Cameron Newlands

So you want to buy a McDonald’s?

Sarah Stowe
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The Golden Arches is a gleaming example of how to scale a business globally. In Australia, there are already more than 1000 restaurants across the country and the fast food giant has a taste for more.

In this podcast McDonald’s Australia’s chief restaurant officer Cameron Newlands discusses how the brand is responding to the demands for convenience, the challenges of adopting sustainable measures, and staying competitive. 

Cameron highlights some of the challenges of growth, including the misconception that Macca’s isn’t recruiting new franchisees. It is fired up to bring onboard 50 new franchisees over the next five years from a variety of backgrounds, and Cameron unpacks some of the rigours and benefits of the recruitment process, and what is expected from anyone wanting to buy a McDonald’s store.

Show notes

Cameron talks of the 100 stores planned across the country; McDonald’s is investing $1 billion in the expansion project.

The McDonald’s Wynyard store within the Sydney railway station is tapping into the brand’s response for convenient locations. It is a takeaway only store, with kiosk ordering.

McDonald’s Australia has 1041 stores across the country, as of 24 February 2024. It unveiled a sustainability flagship store, its 1000th Australian restaurant, in 2020.

The brand celebrated 50 years trading in Australia back in 2021.