Aussie Matt Whyte

Aussie’s secret to scaling business and winning a top home loans award

Sarah Stowe
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Matt Whyte is general manager of distribution growth at Lendi, the digital loans business which merged with the iconic mortgage broker, Aussie. Matt has more than 15 years experience with Aussie and is also a seasoned franchise executive, so he is well placed to talk about business expansion.

In this podcast we chat about what makes Aussie an iconic brand, a recent brokerage award, the key elements of scaling a business – at franchisor, and franchisee level – and how the mortgage business plans to expand even further across Australia.

Show notes

As Matt explains, Aussie was established in 1992 when entrepreneur John Symond went head-to-head with the big banks, launching Aussie Home Loans and revolutionising the face of mortgage broking in Australia.

Matt mentions a 5×5 franchise agreement. This refers to an initial five year agreement, with one option to renew for a further five years.

QSR franchise refers to quick service restaurants or takeaway, fast food franchises.

When talking about planning sessions, Matt also references BAU – business as usual.