Aussie family business

Why Aussie is the perfect platform to launch a family business

Sarah Stowe

Ana Sanches had no idea when she started out as a mortgage broker with Aussie 14 years ago that her journey with the iconic brand would lead to a successful family business.

Today Ana, her sister Sandra, and Sandra’s daughter Raquel Guerra, have combined forces and are carving a niche for their mortgage franchise in Epping, Victoria.

The renowned Aussie brand has proved the perfect vehicle for these three very different personalities to harness their individual strengths and forge a family firm.

Ana, Sandra and Raquel’s journey to achieve franchise success is testament to the opportunities Aussie provides.

“Financially we’re doing really well,” Sandra says. “It’s a group effort, we all love the business, and we want it to be successful. The financial rewards come as a result of that passion. It’s a bonus on top of what we do.”

Aussie provides multiple pathways to becoming a franchisee

The brand’s multiple pathways enable individuals to join the brand as franchisees or, as many successful franchisees have done, start as mortgage brokers with the opportunity to upscale and open a store.

A few years after Ana had successfully established herself as a broker, Sandra researched the Aussie business for herself.

“I was really impressed with the brand. Aussie has a good reputation, and it also felt like a family business; at head office there is a close-knit group of brokers, sales managers and trainers. It really gave me the confidence I could succeed,” she says.

It wasn’t long before her daughter Raquel decided to join too.

Soon the three women were working independently but together from one office – although the office moved from one house to another!

It set the tone for the next stage of the trio’s exciting adventure with Aussie.

“This was a brilliant time because we could bounce scenarios off each other, we became a little team,” says Sandra.

A franchise boosts community connections

So it made perfect sense for them to continue their passion for family and community by banding together to partner with Aussie to open their first franchise in August 2022.

“It’s ideal to have our own store because it cements our connections with community and business. It’s more social than solo mortgage broking because you have walk-in customers and people making phone enquiries while doing their mortgage research,” says Sandra.

She believes transitioning from mobile brokers into the retail channel has boosted their connections. It has allowed them to connect face-to-face with potential customers and the store has acted as a lead magnet.

“We all maintained the portfolios we established as brokers and have leveraged the Aussie name and our reputation in the area to create strategic referral partnerships with other local businesses,” she says.

These three franchisees are all passionate about women in business and have participated in a range of industry development initiatives, representing Aussie at recruitment events and new broker forums. The firm also featured the trio in its International Women’s Day celebrations.

Ana, Sandra and Raquel were also recognised for their success as finalists in The Adviser’s Australian Broking Awards 2023 in the Best New Office category.

Aussie franchisees set long term business goals

It’s clear the trio are kicking some goals with their Aussie family business and expect to achieve much more by implementing their long-term game plan.

“Initially our goal is to work really hard to build a strong store trail,” says Sandra. “In two to five years we will look to grow the business and bring in admin support. We’re doing more of the hustling, bringing in new work now, and in time we aim to be less transactional.

“In five to 10 years we might open a second store – if it suits where we are. Aussie has a mature approach to individual businesses. This is our business; the Aussie team is in the background to help us meet key performance indicators and sales targets. We can shape the business to suit our ambition.

Financial success comes from a focus on people

Sandra says the trio have harnessed their different personalities and skills for the good of the business.

“We work to our strengths, so whoever is best at marketing or payroll, for instance, is allocated that portfolio. It works because we help each other out.

“We know each other so well and we know how to maintain boundaries and be professional. We also have a lot of fun!” she says.

“This franchise is our baby, the result of all our hard work, sweat and tears. The key to our success is that we don’t focus on the sales and KPIs, we are very people oriented. This business is about helping someone get into their first new home or finding a better mortgage deal for a family.

“We are part of the process, and it is so exciting to see customers get into their home or buy a second investment property. With our help, our customers are achieving their own goals. If you put focus and energy into that person, rewards come as a result.”

This focus on people is mirrored in the brand experience, she says.

Aussie values are about family-units, closeness and support. The team has been instrumental in our entire journey from mobile brokers to franchisees. We couldn’t have asked for more!”