franchisee expectations

Franchisee expectations

Sarah Stowe
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What are your expectations about buying a franchise? There will be some standard assumptions shared a but every franchisee will have different expectations.

In this podcast we discuss what are the standards a franchisee can look for in the business model, why drilling down to the detail is an important part of the research process, and how to find out if your expectations are going to meet reality.

Rules are a guiding principle in franchising; but it is a business channel built not just on compliance and replication but relationships.

Taking a laser focus to all elements of the business model, the documentation, and the conversations held with franchisors and franchisees will provide clarity about business operations and the franchisor’s expectations.

Show notes

In this podcast we reference Greg Nathan’s Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI). Greg is a globally-recognised psychologist, former franchisee, author and a regular contributor for Inside Franchise Business on the connections formed in franchising, boosting performance and good franchise habits. 

He is a strong advocate for developing good relationships between franchisees and franchisors, and understanding there is an ebb and flow to life as a franchisee.

If you would like to hone up on some of the legal elements in franchising, check out our podcasts on the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document, helpful conversations to help you cut through the key elements of these important documents. You can find out the relevance of the Code of Conduct in franchising too.