Kinetic Martial Arts passion

Kinetic Martial Arts: a passion for people drives business success


In the growing world of martial arts franchises, Kinetic Martial Arts stands out not just for its exceptional training programs but for the heart and soul behind the operation: Trent Madsen.

Trent has shifted his focus from great classes to mentoring club owners on how to thrive in their local communities.

“I’ve always believed martial arts is more than just the physical; it’s about building a community and integrity on and off the mats. When I started teaching, I saw first hand how it transformed lives, we were making a difference one student at a time.

“But as we grew, I realised there’s a bigger picture. It wasn’t just about the students anymore but also about the people running the clubs. Seeing them succeed, make a great living, and become pillars in their communities became my new passion,” he says.

Kinetic has a particular focus on the success of its clubs.  

“We’ve developed a full system that focuses on more than just martial arts training. It includes business coaching, marketing strategies, and community engagement plans. We want our club owners to be successful business owners, not just great martial artists. This approach helps them create a sustainable income and a lifestyle that allows them to be fully integrated into, and positively impact, their local communities.

“We’ve had some standout success stories,” says Trent.  “And I’m happy to say that all of our clubs are now profitable, and the majority are growing.”

A passion for martial arts

The focus on a community is at the heart of Kinetic and the clubs become community hubs. Martial arts forms the foundation for seminars, road trips and a variety of events.

“Kinetic has grown more than we imagined when we started it some 20 years ago,” says Trent.  “Like any business, growth comes with challenges. For us, maintaining the quality and consistency of our programs across all locations was something we needed to focus on.  

“Instructor and club owner training is by far the main way for us to set our class and student quality on a continual road of improvement.”

Trent has advice for potential and new club owners.

“Find your passion and let it drive you. It’s not just about making money; it’s about making a difference. The paradox is when you focus on helping people the income does follow.”

If you’ve got a passion for people, for helping them fulfil their potential, and a healthy interest in martial arts then consider Kinetic Martial Arts.  

“In reality we’re more than a franchise; we’re a family, and we’re here to support you every step of the way,” says Trent.