Kinetic Martial business support

Kinetic Martial Arts’ support helps build business success

Sarah Stowe

James Hannan’s passion for martial arts stems from his childhood experience.

“The seed was planted when I started lessons as a kid,” he reveals.

Years later, when his 12-year-old daughter started taekwondo, James went back to martial arts, trying out a discipline he was unfamiliar with – hapkido. He loved it and built his skills up to black belt level.

Then life changes shifted his focus and James moved to Sydney. In his search for classes he found Kinetic Martial Arts.

James expected to slip back into familiar territory with the training. However, he was impressed and inspired by the high performance level he saw.

“This was another level of skills!” he says. “To really become good at this, you have to see the next level. You have to see the intricacies of an art to be able to apply it.”

Building business success

James’ passion for martial arts was reignited and for 14 months he trained every weekday, sometimes twice a day.

“For those of us in martial arts, it’s a lifestyle, it means something, the journey and the community.”

So when he decided to return to live in Coffs Harbour, the only way he could retain his connection with the martial arts discipline he was so passionate about was to open a business.

With help and support from the franchisor he found a site, negotiated a lease, and threw himself into the exciting next adventure with Kinetic Martial Arts.

Within 12 weeks James’ shopping centre-based business was cashflow positive.

“We were the fastest-growing martial arts business in the area,” he reveals. “It was a pretty exciting journey. We now have 113 students, and it is growing every month.

“There is a good level belts among the students. It is a community of friends who know they are going in the same direction; there is a very high level of learning.”

James was already an accomplished business owner, running two direct marketing operations that have a global customer base. He continues to run multiple businesses, operating the martial arts centre part-time.

Authenticity and support crucial to Kinetic Martial Arts

He is well-placed to appreciate the benefits of a well-run, well-supported franchise and says the franchisor’s support is paramount.

“I know how tough it is. The support founders Master Trent and Tammy Madsen put together makes running a business easy, it is like painting-by-numbers to build a business.

“I could not run this without the systems and support that they have assembled. They seriously care about your growth, as an individual first; about you becoming a great martial artist, and what you want and need. Because that’s the culture. The belief is that the focus of the master, the sensei, is on the trainer.”

The franchisor recently held a four-day training program to increase skills in one particular style of martial arts and instruction in teaching the syllabus.

Weekly updates, videos, monthly conference calls and webinars add to the premium level of training the franchisor provides head instructors.

The franchisor’s training includes managing difficult situations. For instance, how to handle a strong-willed child, or someone on the spectrum; how to deal with conflict such as a negative phone call or email.”

Training essential to Kinetic Martial Arts

There is also regular training on systems and admin processes.

James is full of praise for the high level of training in business practices, marketing support, and skill development.

The latter is particularly important, he says.

“In martial arts, everything has to be authentic, and we operate with a high level of integrity. We’re teaching at a high level. Unlike in other martial arts clubs, a student will only grade with us when they are ready; they have to train for 12 months first.”

A systemised process is handy when it comes to grading events, which can see up to 100 students grading at once.

“On the face of it the admin is overwhelming, but I know all I have to do is put names into the system and head office arranges for all the belts and certificates. It is a cookie cutter approach to running martial arts,” he says.

Business success brings opportunities

James is passionate about the opportunities his business provides.

“I want this business to be profitable, and epic. I get to speak into the lives of young men and women, a safe space to be, and they get to achieve.

“My adults get a place to come and be connected with community. They want something deeper, while they get stronger and fitter and more flexible.”

James says Kinetic Martial Arts’ authentic approach backed up by high level training and support delivers everything he needs.

“When my students grow up, I want them to talk about what they learned, and want their kids to do the same. It is important to carry it on.

“It’s a profitable business but it’s more than that for me. It’s a legacy.”