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Kinetic Martial Arts is a group of family focused martial arts clubs. We focus on authentic martial arts training with an emphasis towards the development of our student’s strength, fitness and flexibility of the mind and body.
Kinetic Martial Arts offers classes for adults, teens and kids in distinct martial arts styles. In addition to weekly classes, we also offer private classes, seminars, and a huge amount of events for our students including road trips & full day training events.
We have been refining our system since 2005, and now have a suite of options that allow each new club owner to build their own offering around their own unique skills and goals.
Fast track your success by leveraging our learnings and experience with your own unique skill set!

Why Kinetic?

Growth industry: Boutique fitness is the fastest growing sector for the fitness industry and there is no more personal fitness relationship than that which develops between student and instructor in the Martial Arts environment.
Recession resilient: Proven to be recession resilient due to Martial Arts becoming a lifestyle, not just exercise.
Longevity: Martial Arts is always ‘in vogue’, it is just different aspects of it that come in and out of favour, in the 80’s it was Karate, in the 90’s it was Ninjutsu and Olympic Taekwondo, fast forward to the current BJJ popularity.  The Kinetic system allows us to capitalise on this.
Choose your days!! Work around your other commitments – this isn’t a 24hr gym, it’s about a lot more than that.
Value for students and the teacher: Being about skills that are naturally coupled with fitness the value of a class for a student is so very much more than the value of a PT session, and the resulting fee’s reflect this making each session more valuable for both the student and the teacher.
Student Retention: Martial Arts is a lifestyle and so membership can literally span 10’s of yrs and it commonly does.  Imagine telling any other gym owner that some members have been active for 10’s of yrs and they will not believe it!
A huge customer base: From kids to teens to adults, Martial Arts classes can cater to everyone.
Low start-up investment with high returns: With a Kinetic Martial Arts club you’ll have an initial outlay to set-up your club and then you can slowly continue to build your equipment up as your membership and earnings grow.
Support and Teamwork: Kinetic clubs uniquely work together to supply our students with the best offerings possible.  We don’t compete with each other, we synergise.
Diverse income: Grow your sources of income, for example a club can run:
  • Adult’s classes
  • Teen’s classes
  • Kid’s classes
  • Morning classes
  • Lunch classes
  • Afternoon classes
  • Evening classes
  • All day intensive sessions
  • Private sessions
  • Courses
  • Road trips

and so much more…

The journey & the experience

Hear it from Sir Dima himself here:

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Training and support are at our core.


  • Intensive training to get you started and fast track your success
  • Each year we hold:
    – 1 week of updates and improvements training
    – Several elective courses that allow Head Instructors to introduce new programs into their clubs
    – Regular instructor skills training


  • Location: We’ll help you find a great location for your club
  • Ad-hoc support: We are just a phone call away and encourage you to call us when you have a new problem or situation arise or just want to chat something through. Some of our Head Instructors call us every week, others just check in each month or so, whichever works best for you will work best for us.
  • Staying Motivated & Connected: We operate in a Martial Arts environment, so by joining our group you will regularly be in contact with the other clubs in our group, sharing your wins and experiences together.

Upfront investment

  • Franchise fee: $1
  • Site/fit-out fee: Variable - $10,000 to $30,000
  • Other: The initial training fee is between $27.5K to $30K (excl. GST)

Ongoing fees

  • Royalty: 10% (incl. GST)
  • Administration or management fee: $250/month (incl. GST)
  • Marketing fees: $0
  • Other: CRM, Answering service etc is $30 to $400/month (incl. GST)

At the end of the Franchise Agreement

  • Transfer fee: $5000 + GST

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Trent Madsen

Managing Director & Head Instructor
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Tammy Madsen

Business Manager
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Kendal Louis

Marketing & Digital

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