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Kinetic Martial Arts

Kinetic Martial Arts

Join the Kinetic Martial Arts Family – Where Training Meets Integrity

Kinetic Martial Arts is a community of clubs committed to delivering quality martial arts training. Our focus is on the physical and mental benefits that our students, both young and old, can achieve through practice. 

Our training and instruction are carried out with integrity, ensuring that every student develops to the best of their ability.

We offer different classes specific for what people are looking for as individuals:

  • adults
  • teens and
  • kids

Each class type is tailored to fit different levels and interests.

On top of these we offer experiences to enrich any students martial arts journey:

  • Seminars
  • Road Trips
  • Inter Club Visits
  • Gradings
  • Our huge social events
  • Club nights
  • Sparring days
  • Private classes

See some of our classes & events in action at our:

Since 2005, Kinetic Martial Arts has been developing a flexible system that empowers club owners to adapt their offerings to their strengths and the needs of their community. From the excitement of group road trips to the focus of full-day training events, we create a varied and dynamic schedule for our members.

Why is Kinetic Martial Arts the right franchise choice?

  • Expanding Market: The boutique fitness trend is on the rise, and martial arts is at the forefront. Join a growth market with great potential, and connect with our community on Facebook.
  • Steady Demand: People turn to martial arts for lifelong learning, not just a fitness regime, making our clubs a stable business even in uncertain times.
  • Timeless Discipline: The popularity of martial arts is enduring. Our flexible system ensures our clubs can quickly adapt to the shifting focus within the martial arts world.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Your Kinetic Martial Arts franchise can operate on your terms, allowing you to balance business with your personal life.
  • Greater Value: Martial arts training offers more than fitness; it builds valuable life skills, making it a worthwhile investment for students and a profitable venture for instructors.
  • Loyal Membership: Our students often stay with us for many years, a testament to the lifestyle and community we build.
  • Broad Appeal: Our programs are designed to be inclusive, catering to a diverse clientele across all age groups.
  • Smart Investment: Starting a Kinetic Martial Arts club is affordable, with the potential for high returns as your club grows.
  • Collaborative Network: Our clubs succeed through cooperation, sharing resources and knowledge for the benefit of all.
  • Diverse Revenue Opportunities: Enhance your earnings with a variety of offerings!
  • Authenticity: Kinetic Martial Arts continues its connections with the traditions of martial arts, not just in words but with our direct relationship with martial arts masters:
  • Leadership: We respect our history but are always looking to improve.  Check out Trent sharing some of these developments with the wide martial arts community here.

Embrace a business that supports your ambitions and shares in your passion for martial arts. 

With Kinetic Martial Arts, you’re not just opening a club; you’ll be starting a lifestyle business that can give you financial success & help you truly help others to live their best life.

Hear what Dima had to say here:

Begin your franchise journey with us and craft a future that celebrates tradition, embraces innovation, and recognizes your unique contribution to the martial arts world.

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