JAX Tyres & Auto sales hit all-time record

Sarah Stowe

JAX Tyres & Auto has given its business a mega boost, lifting sales and repeat business by transforming customer experience.

Sales hit an all-time record this year, surpassing the previous best performance by a massive 22 per cent.

Over the past two years, repeat business has risen from 58 per cent to 72 per cent while sales and EBITDA have grown 20 per cent year on year to exceed expectations.

The company’s Net Promoter Score (a reflection of customer loyalty and enthusiasm for the brand) also increased, rising from 78 to 83.

Steve Grossrieder, CEO and executive director of JAX Tyres & Auto, says “At JAX, our point of differentiation is to create value for our customers. Our focus is providing solutions that help them on their journey with safety and surety. When you have a team that fully believes in providing an excellent customer experience, results follow.”

JAX identified opportunities to improve, measure and re-measure best practice and performance across the 85+ store network, leveraging customer, employee and franchisee insights.

Engaging franchisees was a crucial part of the process, and to ensure a high franchisee participation, JAX created ambitious customer service goals to show measurable business impact and established a new learning and development capability to help with the rollout to franchisees.

The company tracked how the initiatives were executed, considering the key elements of  service excellence and operational effectiveness that lead to sales performance. 

The customer-focused initiatives even resulted in a double awards win for the franchised chain. Steve Grossrieder was named CX Leader of the Year while the company scooped the Best CX Transformation award.

“It’s incredibly humbling to receive these awards against some of the most trusted and well-known brands in Australia,” Steve says.