Increase your venues revenue stream with video game vending machine

Sarah Stowe

From cupcakes, to cooked pizza, iPods, and Havianas thongs; vending machines are no longer just a housing unit for chocolate, chips, and soft drinks.
More and more companies, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues are realising the potential of vending machines as an important part of product distribution strategies, as well as another way to increase revenue streams- particularly when units are placed in an area already leased by you.
Other than restocking from time to time, the labour costs are minimal and in most cases, vending machines are positioned in high traffic areas, with little or no competition close by, making it a low risk, easy earner.
But a video game vending machine?

Video games

Video games are no longer gender or age specific, in fact according to recent research, 46 per cent of Australian gamers are female and the average age of female gamers is 30. Even parents are at it, with 70 per cent of parents admitting they play too.
However video games, much like DVD’s, have a short term novelty value and people tend to move from game to game quite quickly, making it an expensive pastime to buy games brand new and outright every time.
Similar to DVD rental kiosks, RHINO Media’s Game Rental Kiosks exist to make gaming more accessible and more cost effective to customers who might be passing at their local supermarket, in their local pub or club, or simply waiting for a train.
For a low cost investment, you could buy yourself a low maintenance business that works around the clock, and doesn’t require any manned staff.
For customers the rental process couldn’t be easier. With no memberships required, all they need to access the latest new releases 24/7 is a credit card.
Rhino Media Game Rental Kiosks stock only the hottest new releases, presenting an overwhelming choice of the best games; updated weekly.
As a kiosk owner, you join a growing network of like-minded entrepreneurs with units all over Australia in convenient, busy areas.
There are no skills or training needed to run your own kiosk, as Rhino will provide new kiosk owners with the information, tools and support needed to run a successful, stress free business.