Training Central franchisee success

How Training Central is aiding franchisee success

Sarah Stowe

A significant factor in the success and profitability of a franchise is the operational and business experience of the franchisee. Business education is an essential component of business success. Although franchisors provide training what is delivered may not always equip franchisees with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil the potential of the business. 

That’s why Training Central resolved to provide an alternative option for would-be franchisees. 

An independent training program that informs a potential business owner on franchising essentials can provide a strong foundation for success.

Training Central offers a nationally recognised formal qualification. The Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business is designed to assist anyone interested in buying a franchise.

Training Central founder Kate Baring says “This course goes beyond the free information available in the market and is designed to encourage franchisees to apply their learnings in their own business. The “Real World Application” competency-based learning approach ensures that participants acquire practical skills and knowledge in real-life situations that they can apply to their businesses.”

Helping assess the business opportunity

The course consists of 10 core modules covering the challenges of starting a new business and the complexities of franchising. Each module includes exercises that provide participants with essential tools, workbooks, and materials specific to franchising. 

Working through the initial modules allows participants to undertake evidence-based research to investigate which franchise is right for them and understand the legal framework they are entering into. Franchise buyers can learn how to assess a business model, which can help them make that difficult purchasing decision.  

They can then use live information from their chosen franchise or work through a simulated business provided by the trainer, to understand and develop strategies to:

  • market, attract and retain customers 
  • build and maintain business relationships
  • develop and present business proposals
  • effectively lead and facilitate teams 
  • plan, manage and understand key financial benchmarks, including developing a business plan 

The beauty of this course is that the participants must provide evidence they can do the tasks set. For instance, they must prepare and submit their business plan and their research. 

Training Central helps build franchisee success

Participants undertake self-paced online modules and are supported through regular mentoring workshops, followed by an assessment. 

“This course creates a foundation for success built on a franchise context,” says Kate. “Training Central will not only give franchisees a rounded perspective of franchising and the business they operate in, but it will also help them stay alive in business.”

Enrol before 15 June 2024 and receive a 10 per cent discount on your enrolment fee. For more information visit or contact 1300 209 572.