How much does a franchise cost?

Sarah Stowe
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Buying a franchise can be an affordable purchase, or a major investment. Franchise brands operate right across the price spectrum so it’s a matter of matching your budget to what’s available.

However the sale price is unlikely to be the final figure that you will spend. What’s included in the cost of a franchise varies, with a number of factors that determine that. Then there will be the added extras.

Key points highlighted

In this podcast we consider the broad price range of franchises, discuss what could be included in the cost and what’s not, and where to go to get more advice.

Show notes

What it costs to buy franchise is dependent on a number of factors.

The disclosure document and franchise agreement will give insights into the standard franchise fees, and upcoming expenses.

It’s worth getting a second opinion on what a franchise costs before committing to the purchase. It is important when seeking advice from an accountant that your chosen expert understands the nuances of franchising. The Franchise Accountants Network and the Franchise Council of Australia are useful resources.

You can find out more about due diligence and the steps to take before you buy on the ACCC website

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