Express Employment franchisee succeed

Express Employment Professionals robust model helps Franchisees succeed

Sarah Stowe

Jelyn Davis opened the very first Express Employment Professionals office in South Australia last year.

“I love working for myself, and helping people grow and achieve their ambitions,” she says.

“I like that Express Employment has so much potential. I’m not working in just one particular field,” she says.

As a successful travel agent Jelyn had experienced the highs and lows of business before and during Covid. And she was ready to bring her business acumen to a more reliable industry.

“I’m not good at working from home, and I wanted something more secure than the travel sector,” she says.

Express Employment Professional’s model of flexible recruitment and staffing is backed by nearly 40 years of experience. Globally it has 860+ outlets and US publication Entrepreneur has listed the business top in its field for the past 12 years. 

Companies respond positively to a well-structured, international business, says Jelyn, and Express Employment has great credentials.

Express Employment delivers strong support

“We’re really pioneering the brand here. I’m in at the beginning and I want it to be well known. It’s exciting that there is huge potential for this to be a household brand in Australia, and we’re a part of it!” says Jelyn. 

“Head office here is really amazing,” she says, praising in particular the marketing and operational support  the Express Corporate Headquarters team provided.

Training began in February last year for her business’ April opening, and there has been constant support since.

Jelyn also values the established systems and processes that ease a new Franchisee into the business. With such a strong foundation franchise partners can concentrate on building their businesses.

“I think the systems are essential, I think that’s the beauty of it. It’s a new avenue for me and I wouldn’t have been able to push through without the support of the franchisor team,” Jelyn admits.

“It’s not always easy to establish yourself in a new field but if you follow the rules and you work hard, you will succeed.”

Maximising the market potential helps Express Employment Professionals Franchisees succeed

Early on Jelyn hired employment specialist Georgina Hearn as front office coordinator. With Georgina focused on the day-to-day operations, Jelyn can do what she does best – engage with potential clients. 

“I’m good at making money so I am the face of the business, I pitch the services we offer, I’m great at sales,” she says.

Jelyn has a flair for matching migrants on skilled visas with local employers seeking workers.

“I’m building the business up through the community. It becomes a feelgood moment when you connect with a company that wants migrant workers. Migrants work so hard, and want to prove they are worthy of residence,” she says.

Jelyn understands this all too well. Originally from the Phillippines she has lived happily in Australia for 15 years and is keen to share her passion and ambition with other migrants.

“I work with my heart. I want them to experience what Australia has given me, the good life and the opportunities. I want them to know that and have that kind of dream I had 15 years ago.

“Through Express Employment Professionals I give those people a job so they have the opportunity to be a skilled migrant and then maybe become a resident. And if I help one person here it helps a whole family back home; that is the icing on the cake. That’s for me, the most rewarding part.”