Snapology support and brand benefits set franchisee up for success

Sarah Stowe

The birth of Sri Gaikwad’s first son in 2020 kickstarted this business analyst’s adventure as a Snapology franchisee.

Snapology uses Lego bricks to educate children on STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects through play.

“When I was looking for ways to entertain my very young son we found some STEM toys – that turned out to be the trigger for my choice of business. I was at the same time searching business concepts when I saw a Snapology Instagram post and it immediately resonated with me!” says Sri.

“Once I saw the post and YouTube videos and I researched more, the more I liked the business. I saw how kids are learning by having fun. I went to meet the Australian franchisor, saw the kit and the class and was very impressed.”

Snapology brand benefits include a broad-based program

Sri was particularly excited that the innovative learning concept provided such a broad-based program and as such had no real competitors.

Snapology provides nearly 100 courses designed to teach a broad spectrum of children from the ages of four to 14.

“A five-year-old still at preschool can go to a class about earthquakes. Using Duplo he or she will sit and build a sound structure and then the teacher will simulate an earthquake, perhaps by shaking the table. Imagine the kid getting the concept! It’s not a traditional classroom, kids are actually learning through play and just having fun.”

The broad curriculum extends to animation and media editing courses, particularly popular with girls, says Sri.

He has run his franchise in Hornsby, Sydney, for the past two years, and is passionate about the educational opportunities.

“I want this to be the ‘Tesla’ of education, to change education so it becomes more hands on and STEM education becomes more mainstream.”

Snapology support and brand benefits smooth the way for franchisees

Australian education has highlighted its importance, he points out, but has limitations when it comes to teaching and resources. And that’s where Snapology fits in – it creates the content, so teachers don’t have to.

Sri is also passionate about the behind-the-scenes benefits as a Snapology franchisee, which make his life easier.

Proprietary software

As a Salesforce business analyst and IT specialist he has high expectations of business systems, and Snapology hasn’t disappointed.

“Snapology has proprietary software created in the US. It has a great customer relationship management system for franchisees, and vast resources so we can learn on our own.

“The Snapology university is an excellent resource which the franchisor keeps adding to. If a new store opens, the processes that work well are added to the repository so other franchisees can replicate the success.”

Well-established US brand

The educational brand is well-established in the US, launching back in 2010, and expanding internationally. It is a relatively new concept in Australia, launched in 2020 by master franchisor Usman Khan.

“From the beginning, Usman was super supportive. I learned so much about the business in weekly strategy meetings; how to launch the business, how to support growth with marketing, and how to use the CRM in the back end. I received a lot of support!”

Setting up for success

At Snapology the main focus is to ensure franchisees are set up for success, says Sri.

“You get more support and guidance than you realise, and Usman spends time working with you on developing your business.”

For Sri, the business is still a part-time occupation that he runs as a mobile enterprise, using library spaces to hold the classes which are led by aspiring student teachers or casual teachers working after hours.

But embracing the business full-time is not far away, he says. What he needs is the right site to establish a centre.

“I’m ready to let go of the analyst job and I’m looking for a location for the Discovery Centre. I’m on track with my business and it will be massive once we have our centre established,” he says.

“Then my wife will join me in the business. I can be more focused on school contracts and she will be doing the admin and marketing.”

Sri has taken a steady path to business, aided by the support and guidance from Snapology. Now he is ready to take it to the next level.