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JAX Tyres & Auto franchisee boosted store value in 18 months

Sarah Stowe

Mark Spiteri admits he’s a car fanatic. So, when he bought his JAX Tyres & Auto franchise just 18 months ago he was excited to be taking the wheel of an established business that he could steer to become a high-performing store.

And it didn’t take him long to drive the St Mary’s, Sydney, business to the next level.

“I could see there was potential to build on the brilliant JAX model. I added more staff and boosted the mechanical services, providing more profit margin,” Mark explains.

Mark added a mezzanine floor, increased tyre storage space, and implemented enhanced health and safety measures.

As a result, Mark’s first year revenue rose significantly on the previous year.

Expanding services to boost his JAX store value

Mark then built on the business basics introducing further revenue streams which in turn, helped to retain customers.

“We’ve become a solutions provider for our customers – if we can’t get it done, we will find someone who can.”

Mark has nearly tripled the value of the store and the business is now one of the top performers in the JAX network.

Customer-centric approach aligns with JAX’ values

Mark believes treating customers and staff with respect is a winning approach. 

“My philosophy is that I want a customer for life, not just for today,” he says.

This customer-centric approach perfectly matches the JAX customer experience focus that is pivotal to the brand’s success.

“We don’t over-service or push customers to fix their brakes if there is still another 10,000km in them, for instance. It’s about giving the customer choice – if they can afford to fix the problem now, they’ll get it done, if not they can budget for work in the future.”

The capacity for Mark to offer tyres at all price levels works in his favour.

“I buy from preferred suppliers, and we have a ‘good, better, best’ quality selection,” he says.

Mark came into JAX equipped with decades of corporate management and senior leadership experience, much of it in the automotive industry. He has worked for brands like Caltex, Ampol, Kmart, BBC Hardware (now Bunnings) and NRMA.

Leadership in small business

And he employs the same approach in small business as he did in corporate roles.

“You still have HR, safety, sales and profit, and people, just on a smaller scale. Instead of 60 employees, I have 12. But I am applying the same business rationale and corporate governance.” HR and strong communications are key, he says.

Mark’s leadership style is focused on nurturing team members and helping them adjust to change.

“It is getting your team to come on the journey with you. It wasn’t easy, there was a bit of pushback of course; mechanics are often averse to change. 

“But what I put in place was just commonsense. As a result, I’ve increased my Net Promoter Score (NPS) and positive Google reviews which are important customer retention metrics and have a high staff retention.”

Showcasing the business

Mark’s business methods are also often showcased to new franchisees.

“The underlying foundation is the customer: offer a solution based on the customer’s needs, ensure a great customer experience, and they will return and tell others about the JAX service,” he says.

Mark’s philosophy is not only paying financial dividends, but has also proven award-worthy. The store has been nominated for local business awards, including the Australian Small Business Awards 2024. The strong sales drive has seen the business score a Golden Battery Group award.

Mark is also a big advocate for IT and technology and is confident in the JAX proprietary software to give him a commercial advantage.

Superior systems help analyse JAX franchise store value

“The JAX systems are second to none. I looked at other brands, but this is superior. I can do an instant health check on the business and look at where it is projected to be.

“We have platforms that allow you to excel, and to wow the customer,” he says.

One of these is Podium, which allows customers to send text messages to the business at any time and receive a personalised response. Mark follows up enquiries as soon as he can – even after hours. The use of AI assistance helps provide a swift response.

“The platform operates 24/7, so you can get back to the customer, make an appointment and win the business there and then,” he says.

“The JAX business development team can provide useful guidelines and pointers for ways to lift profits and continuously enhance our customer experience and service offerings,” he says.

Expert support and systems help drive business growth

“For someone without any knowledge of a mechanical workshop, having JAX’ expert advice can help steer you towards your goals,” he says. “There is support for growing and driving the business and there is help with HR and preparing employment contracts,” he says.

“This is a trusted, well-known brand with a strong philosophy and excellent support. With my automotive experience, I could have bought an independent business, but I preferred to work with a system.

“Anyone without auto experience can do this. JAX provides a great platform and support, superior knowledge, strong ecommerce targeted marketing and sales support.

“This is a very sound business model,” he says.