Choice Hotels CEO podcast

Dynamic, challenging, and a team sport: why hotels are a brilliant business

Sarah Stowe
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Trent Fraser is CEO of Choice Hotels Asia-Pacific. He leads the business across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India with responsibilities that include managing master partner relationships with Choice Hotels Japan and area representatives in China.

Company values and culture are just as important to Trent as his remit to drive unit and revenue growth.

It seems he was destined to carve out a career in the accommodation industry and he has stayed dedicated and inspired by everything the hotel world has to offer, notching up a stellar 20+ years at Choice, after an impressive almost 15 years with Southern Pacific Hotels.

Trent talks about early responsibilities, continual challenges in progressive roles, disruption in the hotel sector, and the importance of meeting changing customer expectations.

He reveals his perspective on leadership, and why the charismatic lone wolf figurehead is out of date in today’s corporate world.

Show notes

In the conversation Trent talks about sustainability in the hotel sector, and about ESG – environmental, social and governance – principles. ESG generally includes taking measures to reduce pollution, carbon output and waste. It can also guide businesses to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Choice Hotels Asia Pacific is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Choice Hotels International, which has nearly 7,500 hotels (almost 630,000 rooms) in 46 countries and territories. It is a portfolio of brands, including Quality, Clariong, Comfort, and Econo Lodge. The group caters for both business and leisure travellers with a range of accommodation and budget options.

In 2022 the Asia Pacific business opened 19 new hotels in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan and Thailand.