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8 steps to buying a franchise


It can at least three months to buy a franchise and there are some set steps you will need to take. This is the typical path that will take you to franchise ownership.

If social distancing is still in place when you engage with the franchisor, expect any meeting to be held virtually using Zoom or Skype or Google Hangouts.

1. Make an inquiry

Fill out an inquiry form or phone the recruiter for further details of the franchise opportunity that appeals.

2. The franchisor responds

If you have emailed an inquiry, typically a franchisor will send out an information pack to you, and follow this up with a phone call.

3. Confidentiality

The franchisor will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement before sharing sensitive information with you.

Expect a copy of the disclosure document, draft franchise agreement and the Franchising Code of Conduct, plus an information statement.

Your franchisor might also send more commercially sensitive information to help you consider the viability of the franchise opportunity and build your business plan.

4. First meeting

This is the first time you will get a much clearer idea of the business, and the franchise team you will be working with.

5. Conduct due diligence

This is a crucial step so take your time and be thorough in your research. You will need to sign a document confirming that you have received independent advice or that you have decided not to seek independent advice.

Obtaining expert opinion from franchise-experienced professionals can save you money in the long term, so it is a worthwhile investment.

6. Prove yourself

You will need to create a business plan and show to the franchisor you have the capacity to take ownership of and drive the particular franchise unit.

A follow-up meeting will enable you to ask further questions following on from your due diligence, and for the franchisor to further quiz you.

7. Other steps

Some brands include a number of interviews, try-before-you-buy work experience, or a profiling assessment.

8. Don’t rush it

The process to get from inquiry to sign-up could be a matter of weeks or it could be months.

Buying a franchise is a significant long-term commitment. It is important not to rush the process.