Snap-on Australia boss

31 years at Snap-on and still passionate about the brand!

Sarah Stowe
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What does it take for a brand to keep trading for 100 years? The US mobile tool retailer Snap-on Tools operates in a niche marketplace and has been trading in Australia for 35 years. And for 31 of those years Ajit Ponnambalam has been part of the business. So what’s the secret to its success? Is it innovation, great customer service, the values at the heart of the business?

In this conversation, Ajit reveals what motivates him after all this time with one brand. He shares his view of leadership, explains what led him to take up a business career, and why the Snap-on brand is still delivering for its customers and its franchisees.

Show notes

As discussed in the podcast, Snap-on is a provider of tools for NASA, the US government’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The Australian and New Zealand business is a subsidiary of the global firm which was founded in Wisconsin in 1920. It is the patented range of interchangeable handles and sockets devised by founder Joe Johnson, an engineer from Milwaukee, that give the business its name.

The business has more than 80,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) in its product line, and more than 3,300 active and pending patents. In the US there are 13 manufacturing facilities servicing customers in more than 130 countries.