No more commuting! How a franchise breathes new life into your day

Sarah Stowe

If you’ve loved the quieter streets and work from home opportunities you’re probably not missing the daily commute. So why go back to it?

Imagine a life of no more commuting. How can you make this happen?

Perhaps you already have a great work-from-home set-up and your boss will let you continue remote working for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps you have a brilliant idea you want to bring to life and now’s the chance to take that step into entrepreneurship.

Or you could buy a business that fits all the criteria you’re looking for – working from home, more time to enjoy life with the family, and the thrill of running your own life on your terms.

Chosen wisely, a franchise can offer you all this.  For starters, there are plenty of businesses that work from a home base.

Some provide a professional service to other business owners and operate predominantly online. Others might work with their customers out of hours, or from a home base, providing a financial or advisory service.

Other businesses rely on the owner managing a team of contractors or staff out in the field, a job that can be done anywhere.

Some, like personal training or kids sporting activities, get you out and about during the day for specific times while admin tasks are completed from the comfort of your home office.

So that takes care of the working from home routine. Now for gaining more time in your life.

Of course, without a commute, you’ve already gained an hour or two each day. However, as a business owner, with the backing of a franchise, you’ll reap time rewards in other ways.

A support structure and a well-ordered system that shares best practice and gives business owners a shortcut to good operating procedures cuts out some of the trial and error, heartache and to be frank, time, spent on developing great processes.

And as a business owner with business structures, marketing guidance, great training and a support team behind you, you are empowered to achieve.

From the start you’ll be set up to succeed with access to advice yet you’ll be running your own business, making your own decisions about your future.

Could this work for you? There’s no time like now to consider how you can refresh your career and advance your future by being your own boss. And never have to travel in rush hour again!