Jamaica Blue $40K kickstart

Jamaica Blue offers $40K kickstart deal for new franchisees

Sarah Stowe

Jamaica Blue is the Australian cafe chain that offers all the relaxed charm and warmth of the Caribbean and delivers a superior service that keeps customers returning.

“Our customers are looking for a great coffee experience, and our store design and marketing messaging reflects the position of Jamaica Blue as a serious coffee operator,” explains Greg Tiddy, who is responsible for leasing and franchise recruitment at the cafe chain’s parent company, Foodco.

“Our top skill is customer service. We’ve got all the development and training for espresso and good food, it’s all about the franchisee relationship with customer, and staff.

Exceptional coffee, premium service

“Customer experience is the number one reason people come back,” Greg says.

Greg first started his Jamaica Blue journey 25 years ago, when he and his wife owned and operated two franchise stores in Hornsby, north of Sydney.

When he moved on from business ownership, Greg joined the head office team, taking on a national operations role with Foodco.

He can attest that serving exceptional coffee is the result of well-executed processes all throughout the system, from sourcing coffee beans from the mountains of Jamaica and around the world to head office operational initiatives through to barista training.

“Whether it’s coffee or food, we need to deliver consistency,” points out Greg. “We oversee and supply all the recipes and costings, so it is easier for franchisees to maintain the high standards customers expect.

“Selecting the right franchisee and training is fundamental to success,” says Greg. “It’s about making sure we maintain brand standards, and franchisees can deliver the experience we are looking to provide.

“We give significant support and training in the field, and it starts with two weeks of learning at our national training facility.

“Execution in-store is really important to fulfil the promise. We are constantly making sure we serve great coffee by working with cutting edge equipment,” he points out.

Jamaica Blue $40K kickstart

Stores are set up with a prestigious Italian San Remo coffee machine and a state-of-the-art coffee equipment package, which is designed to make training, and the coffee itself, more consistent.

What is brilliant for incoming franchisees is that this $25,000 equipment package is included as part of the upfront investment.

And right now there is an exceptional offer which makes a Jamaica Blue purchase even more appealing.

“We’re currently waiving the first $40,000 of royalty payments when a franchisee opens the store. This is a genuine effort to assist franchisees in the early stages of business when everything is new, training costs are higher, franchisees are finding their way and vigilant about the cost structure of the business,” says Greg.

To put this in perspective, based on an average store turnover that amount equates to six- or seven-months’ worth of royalty payments.

New franchisees already benefit from initial training and ongoing in-store support, so this financial offer gives them an extra boost to business.

Another benefit of the Jamaica Blue business model is that the recipe design and purchase of goods are sorted by head office. All franchisees need to do is follow the ordering process.

A crucial element of maintaining brand identity is site selection, and the national leasing team sorts and negotiates all the store locations.

“We employ rigorous site selection criteria,” Greg says. “Once we have agreed on a location and commercial terms are negotiated the site is then assessed by a number of experienced members of the leasing team and approved for franchise.”

Brand presence, new markets

Matching up the right franchisee with the right location and deal is the foundation for success.

“It’s ideal to have local people heading up our stores, particularly in regional areas,” says Greg.

The brand has a very strong presence in regional Australia, where it is looking to expand even further.

Traditionally Jamaica Blue is a shopping centre operator although there are, some street sites and an increasing number of hospital locations.

Airports are also on the company’s radar and in late 2024 it is set to open a store at Perth International Airport.

It’s an exciting time to be joining this established brand which in winter is unveiling a new store design that will show a fresh and exciting approach to the retail café market.

New franchisees will be able to embrace the fresh look which will, over time, roll out across the existing network of nearly 100 stores.

As Jamaica Blue forges a path ahead into new markets, with a new look, and exceptional franchisee support, it continues to seek keen individuals who want to harness their talents to an Aussie favourite.

Why not take advantage of the brilliant, limited time offer? Franchise buyers who sign up to purchase a new Jamaica Blue franchise before 30 June 2024 receive a $40,000 kickstart to their business (Terms & Conditions apply).