How Poolwerx is training its US franchisees

Sarah Stowe

Poolwerx founder and CEO John O'Brien is welcoming US franchisees for trainingThe first brand new Poolwerx franchisees based in the US are poised to start franchise partner induction training at the Brisbane head office.

Three new franchise partners from Phoenix are attending the two weeks of training at Pool School; this will include spending time working in one of the top performing stores in Brisbane.

John O’Brien Poolwerx founder and CEO said “It’s very exciting to welcome our first American franchise partners and introduce them to our network and the way we do business,” said.

“We have three franchise partners in the business over there who came across after the acquisitions but these are the first ‘new blood’ into the team, which is very exciting.

“We have tailored some of the material for the American market but the core principles and superior technical training we provide is still at the heart of Pool School. They will learn from the best in our network across our retail, mobile and commercial channels.

“Each department of the support office host a special meet and greet dinner with the new franchisees, so they can get a real feel for the business and what it means to be part of our international network.”

John O’Brien said he expected the network in the US to grow by 20 percent before the end of the financial year.

“It’s coming into winter now but an extended warm season has seen enquiry boom the last six months, which has spurred our recent growth.”