Poolwerx resilient all-year

Resilient Poolwerx brand delivers care all year round

Sarah Stowe

Aussies are passionate about their backyard pools, determined to enjoy their water fun with the family for as long as possible each year. So pool care maintenance is an all-year-round activity which is good news for the resilient, market leading retail and mobile business Poolwerx.

Chief operating officer Steve Halls reports that even when consumers are tightening their spending, taking care of the home pool, spa or plunge pool remains a high priority.

“What is really positive is that people have invested in their backyards, particularly during Covid, and they want to enjoy that investment, they want to look after their pool,” he says.

Poolwerx franchisees add value

The Poolwerx business has DIY and Do It For Me streams, and clients in both segments remain dedicated to creating a healthy water environment for all the family to enjoy, Steve says.

“Pool owners need to ensure their pool water is healthy at all times as it could not just impact the
health of your family but the health of your equipment – and that requires a maintenance program. Whether the pool is freshwater, salt or mineral, it needs the correct treatment to maintain the chemical balance.

“It is important water is tested regularly; there are so many different bacteria people don’t know about. That’s our role, to manage, and recommend to clients, products and services that meet Australian standards for pool water. It is part of our mantra, and we are proud that that is what we do,” he says.

While economic headwinds mean Aussies may be cautious about spending, Poolwerx clients are looking at cost-effective ways to maintain their pools.

“They are considering whether to repair rather than replace items, or to upgrade a pool and use energy efficient equipment to save them money. A value proposition is more important than ever,” says Steve. “Customers are happy to spend the money if they see the value.”

Steve reports an increase in consumer consciousness about environmental and cost concerns, which is driving clients to upgrade equipment.

Poolwerx is a resilient, all-year business

“We have seen a massive uplift in pool heating; customers choosing blankets for their pools to save water, and costs. This allows people to swim for a longer period throughout the year.

“While they use their pools well-beyond the summer season, they may not swim so much in cooler months. That gives us the opportunity to deploy other maintenance programs such as an anti-algae winterising package, for instance.”

Poolwerx head office utilises the cooler months to conduct commercial training for technicians working in real estate and with institutions, as well as in-field technical and retail staff.

“We can tier and transition our business on a need’s basis. The hub and spoke model (retail and mobile) gives us a broader scope for home services. We can tailor our service to the client, whether they want entry level care or premium servicing.”

Technology drives outstanding pool care

Streamlined technology is a major driver for Poolwerx to optimise business whether that is pool programs registered in-store or data collated in the field and transferred back to the business hub.

Tech innovations also shape water quality service. “There is always new technology emerging and we have access to these developments through our global suppliers. That gives us first-to-market opportunities.”

Heaters are now programmed to troubleshoot ‘back to base’, Steve explains, so the manufacturer can dial in and reset a heater from across the globe. Remote monitoring of pumps, chlorinators and robot cleaners can also improve energy efficiency, which helps clients reduce costs.

Franchisees enjoy multiple revenue streams

“As we get industry insights through our suppliers it allows us to maximise our multiple revenue streams. Our business is retail, it is mobile, and the B2B commercial space, which is resorts, hotels, schools, real estate.”

Poolwerx teams up with pool builders in local communities, which enables franchisees to offer services as new pools are commissioned.

“Poolwerx is such a resilient business; all-year round it has so much opportunity. We have seen continual growth over the 31 years we have been operating,” says Steve.

New stores are expanding the footprint and franchisees are adding more vans and technicians to their services. Increasingly, independent business owners are converting their stores to the Poolwerx brand as they see the value and support that comes with being part of a franchise network.

The tier transition can take a franchisee from one van to multiple vehicles, then to a retail store which they can grow to a multi-store business.

“It is good to see Poolwerx franchise partners making the most of opportunities to bring in more revenue, increase their profits, and have a commercial, viable business to sell when the time comes,” says Steve.