Zambrero couple seven restaurants

How one Zambrero couple opened seven restaurants in five years

Sarah Stowe

It was Jaydeep Gohil’s dream to build a multi-site burrito empire and he’s exceeded his own expectations.

Jaydeep and his wife Anamika have surpassed their five-store ambition. The couple’s business, the Gohil Group, has in five years bought seven Zambrero restaurants in Western Australia at Mindarie, Beldon, Banksia Grove, Midland, Bassendean, Warwick and Yanchep.

And there is no sign of the pair slowing down; the couple has plans in place for another two restaurants due to open this financial year.

When Jaydeep first bought into the Zambrero dream, he brought hospitality experience and a clear-sighted appreciation of the business model.

He first worked in, and then owned, a pasta shop in Geraldton. But with the end of the mining boom that drove business in the town he started to look for new opportunities.

Jaydeep had become a regular customer at the neighbouring Zambrero restaurant, loved the food, and admired the business.

That’s when I thought, why not Zambrero? I researched the brand, the operations, customer flow, market demand, and realised it was a perfect fit.

Zambrero couple builds seven restaurant empire

“We decided to move away from regional WA and back to Perth where there is a stronger Indian community so we could be close to family and friends. And when my son grows up there will be more opportunities for him,” he says.

The couple settled on their first Zambrero restaurant in Mindarie in July 2019.

They overcame the significant challenges of trading during Covid with excellent planning and staff training, and hard work.

“Revenue was skyrocketing because people were not travelling. We were busy but with fewer staff and sometimes I worked double shifts.

“We worked for three years nearly every day in the restaurant so we know how to run the Zambrero business. We could see the potential, so we bought a second restaurant, and managed one each.”

The couple then added two more restaurants in 2022 and opened an impressive three restaurants in 2023.

“It was a daunting task to open two restaurants in one month, but thanks to our meticulous planning and well-trained staff, we succeeded,” says Jaydeep.

The couple knows constant oversight of standards ensures business success. So when they acquired their third restaurant, they recognised the need for an area manager.

Planning and staff training key to success

“Our area manager was a multi-site manager for Hungry Jacks and has amazing QSR experience,” says Jaydeep. “He visits two or three restaurants each day.”

Now Jaydeep works on, not in the business, and Anamika manages one restaurant and is the lynchpin for training.

“My staff is my asset. If you have good staff, your business will run. The rest comes after that. I always respect and care and stand by my staff.

“If I open two restaurants in one month, if I don’t have proper staff training I will have ruined the prestige of the brand and wasted my money.”

The solution is providing new staff with six weeks of training in existing restaurants, working with experienced staff, prior to a restaurant opening.

“So we don’t worry about training on site in the first week, the staff are already trained! It makes for a very smooth opening.”

Business model helps build multi-site success

Jaydeep is confident the Zambrero business model enables anyone without food service experience to easily open a restaurant.

“The Zambrero support is amazing from the state team. Whenever we need anything, the team is always there and any high priority concern they act on quickly. With four weeks of training, and the support from Zambrero, anyone can run this business,” he says.

“You have to work hard. In the restaurants it is physical work; now I am working on the business, it is mental application. If you work hard, with this great business model, you can succeed.

“I have exceeded my financial goals and am reinvesting in opening the next two restaurants. I am achieving what I planned for; I had a dream to build a nice house and that’s in progress.”

As a high-achieving business owner Jaydeep reflects on all the elements that have gone into his success. He recognises the journey began in India when his father gave him a brilliant opportunity.

“My dad is a farmer and he made me successful; he sent me to Australia as an international student in 2009,” he says.

Over the last five years Jaydeep has more than proved his entrepreneurial abilities, backed by the solid foundation of the Zambrero business model.

Jaydeep loves Zambrero’s business potential, the flexibility it delivers, and the support provided. But there’s one other element that elevates the brand, he says.

“Every time a customer buys a regular/big burrito or bowl, kids meal or retail item, Zambrero donates through the Plate 4 Plate initiative a meal to someone in the need around the world.

“Plate 4 Plate makes Zambrero a standout. We are running a business with a good cause.”