Arrive Time franchisee support

Franchisee support is crucial to success at Arrive On Time

Sarah Stowe

One of the joys of investing in a franchise business is buying into a tried and tested model, backed up by expert support.

Excellent franchisor support is fundamental to a great franchise business and can make a significant difference to a new enterprise.

As Arrive On Time Appliance Repair’s Cate Gleeson points out, a good support structure is vital to the business. 

At this franchise, championing franchisees starts with top-quality training and extends to ongoing back-up and support for the lifetime of the franchise. 

It is also about more than just the franchisor’s assistance. It’s about family and friends understanding the needs of the business and helping the franchisee technician.

Arrive On Time franchisee support

And with that in mind, Arrive On Time ensures the franchisee’s main support person is primed and prepped to assist.

“We don’t only provide training to the technician who repairs the appliance but the support people too,” Cate explains. 

“I recently had a new franchisee trainee, and his wife came along as the support person. Together we covered the admin that she would need to do. Our training is not just for the customer-facing franchisee.”

While Cate ensures technicians and support people are well-versed in the admin processes, director Shaun Anstis conducts the technical training. 

The 10-week training program showcases the Arrive On Time team’s commitment to high standards and good preparation. Technical and practical learning takes place one-to-one in the technician’s own business. 

Ongoing support is key to success

“Support is for the lifetime of the business, it doesn’t stop after the training,” says Cate. “We do everything we can to support the technicians because if they are successful so are we. It’s a partnership.

“We are very focused on high standards for the processes. If a franchisee picks up the phone, we’re there to listen and do everything we can to provide a solution.”

Shaun will pick up the phone out of hours if a franchisee calls. He understands workday hours may not fit a technician’s need to solve their query.

Some franchisees with a young family let the franchisor know their best contact times, and Arrive On Time is happy to accommodate their preferences. 

“After all, it’s their business,” says Cate.

Bookings team critical to business

The highly-prized flexibility on offer to franchisees (blocking time off into the calendar, prioritising set work hours) reflects the flexible approach to the valued bookings team. 

“We have an amazing bookings team working from home. They alternate between phone calls and emails; we do a lot of work in real estate so work orders come through email,” says Cate.

“They have families of their own so if they need time off, we do our best to support them. That’s why we changed to working from home years ago,” explains Cate.

Arrive On Time’s bookings team handles enquiries, converts the leads, and books in clients with the appropriate franchisee.

The bookings team is a lynchpin in Arrive On Time’s business and smart technology ensures seamless processes.

“Technology is very important to keep the business streamlined,” says Cate.

“We have two people in the bookings team and as we grow, so will the team. Booking appointments for technicians is their primary role but they also provide support with admin and in finance.”

Franchisee experience informs Arrive On Time’s support

At any time in their franchise journey franchisees might need help with particularly sticky problems or even admin chores like chasing invoices, says Cate.

“We provide templates and I’ll go through the processes, so the franchisee is clear about what steps to take next,” she says.

Cate and Shaun can easily relate to franchisees’ regular and occasional problems, they have a franchise themselves.

“As well as managing, we are hands on in our own business so we can share the experiences. We know all the pain points.”

That’s a huge advantage for Arrive On Time franchisees.