CouriersPlease management career franchisees

CouriersPlease delivers a management career path for franchisees

Sarah Stowe

CouriersPlease franchise partners can not only run their own businesses, they also have a pathway into employee management.

Ziggy Maravic and Simon Bezzina are prime examples of former franchise partners who have gone on to carve diverse and interesting management careers with the courier firm.

The pair are now key members of an exciting new team which is recruiting and supporting franchise partners across the network.

From courier to National Recruitment and Development Manager

Ziggy is the National Recruitment and Development Manager. When he started on the frontline with the courier business 30 years ago, he had no idea how far the skills he acquired would take him.

The former sous chef relished the nine-to-five working week that came with being a CouriersPlease franchise partner after years of hospitality shift work.

For 10 years he covered the South Eastern suburbs territory in Victoria, servicing industrial, small business and residential customers.

“After I sold the business the state manager offered me a position as a trainer.

“It sounded interesting so I thought I would do it for 12 months. I was still there two years later when I was offered a Customer Service Manager role in the call centre!”

CouriersPlease management career for franchise partners

Ziggy says the franchisor team spotted his potential, and his high care factor, and he flourished with the company’s support structure around him.

Because of the skills garnered through his extensive franchisee experience he was able to highlight opportunities for efficiencies and process improvement.

His years as a franchise courier proved invaluable in his next role, depot supervisor, where he was managing about 50 courier franchise partners.

“I had experience in recruitment and governance, and I discovered I was good at implementing training programs, and good at communicating with franchise partners. That franchisee insight is the key,” he admits.

An integration role followed, then a delivery channel manager role in Victoria before his current role as National Franchise Development Manager.

Making a difference in a corporate role

“I have a strong structure around me and incredibly interesting work, and I try and make a difference every day to the business. It is never a dull day here. I can’t predict what’s coming tomorrow.”

As a franchise partner Ziggy was well-prepared to take on corporate roles within CouriersPlease and has loved the diversity of his roles.

“The more you can experience, the more knowledgeable you become. In this company you are exposed to every angle of the business, it trains your mind on how best to approach a variety of management and operational matters.

“It has taught me to be open and objective, and come up with a resolution, and I have developed a strong empathy for people. 

“I’ve got my doctorate at CouriersPlease!” he says.

Management role after 25 years as a franchise partner

Simon Bezzina [top image] has a similar tale of long service with the courier firm. He had worked his way up at McDonald’s from a crew member to store management and training but was ready to ditch the inhospitable hours for a more appealing work schedule – and the chance to be his own boss.

He bought a CouriersPlease territory back in 1995 on a friend’s recommendation.

“I was open to the idea of working for myself and having no shift work. I went along for a day and thought it was a fantastic opportunity,” says Simon.

Once he was in the courier role, he started to see how he could build up a stronger business.

“As I progressed and became more comfortable with the role, I looked for a more lucrative area,” he says.

Simon bought and sold four territories and then, after clocking up an impressive 25 years on the road, he took his career in a different direction.

Business building skills lead to corporate job

“I started talking to senior management about what opportunities there would be internally. I knew the business quite well and I felt I could be effective.”

He sold his business and became a Franchise Territory Manager in 2018.

“I had a great relationship with the management team as a senior franchisee because I was training incoming franchisees and taking them on ride-alongs. So, I had some knowledge of the inner workings of the business and the transition to corporate was quite easy for me.

“The tech side was a challenge though! But I reached out to fellow team members, and they helped me with email etiquette and learning new programs.

“I loved that I needed to retrain, it rejuvenated me. I was getting stale after 25 years!” he admits.

Then in December last year he joined a brand new, small national team as the National Franchise Support officer.

Franchisee experience invaluable in new CouriersPlease management role

“We are the national franchising team, here to support the franchise partners. My role is recruiting and onboarding franchise partners, and generating the contracts through a centralised process.

“It is awesome working for a new department, it’s a different pace. I am still finding my feet.”

As an ex-franchise partner, Simon understands exactly how important the flow of work is, how crucial the timing of the pick-ups.

Simon’s additional experience as a Franchise Territory Manager boosted his time and people management skills.

“As a manager you are providing training, mentoring, encouraging compliance, and assisting franchise partners build their businesses,” he says.

“Time management skills are invaluable. You need to know how to prioritise tasks, and communication is massive thing – both with customers and corporate colleagues.

“I am happy where I am, I love it. I brought franchisee knowledge into the management role and now I am kicking new goals on my new career path with CouriersPlease.”