CouriersPlease ambitious franchisees

CouriersPlease: a brand that delivers results for ambitious franchisees

Sarah Stowe

Vipin Mehta moved to Perth from the Northern part of India in 2008 leaving behind him a rich and diverse background that has shaped who he is today.

“India’s vibrant culture, strong traditions and diversity continue to be a source of inspiration and pride for me,” says the CouriersPlease franchise partner.

Working at a fuel station and as a taxi driver taught Vipin the importance of customer service, time management and adaptability in a fast-paced work environment – ideal skills for his new role as a franchisee.

Vipin took the plunge and bought a CouriersPlease territory in Perth which serves both commercial clients at Perth Airport, and residential customers.

CouriersPlease delivers results

For a brand-new business owner, it was a huge advantage to leverage the CouriersPlease brand and business experience, he says.

“Couriers Please is well-known in the courier industry. As a franchise partner you benefit from the recognition and trust that comes with being associated with an established brand.”

Vipin built connections with the local community to optimise the potential for business in the area.

“I always provide excellent customer service and I always seek support from the franchisor,” he says.

“It’s important for a new franchisee to seek guidance from the manager and franchisor whenever needed and stay updated on any new developments.

“Courier Please offers training and ongoing support to its franchise partners. I made full use of these resources to ensure I was well-equipped to handle the day-to-day operations of my business.”

Work life balance with weekday schedule

For Vipin, his new life isn’t just about running a successful business. He volunteers in the community and is a keen cricketer in his spare time.

“In my last cricket league I was judged as the best batsman of the tournament!” he reveals.

The Monday to Friday working week at CouriersPlease enables him to enjoy his weekends, spending quality time with his family or out on the cricket pitch.

Avid car enthusiast and soccer fan Maqsood Gul also finds the time to enjoy his chosen hobbies while still building his career to new heights.

He worked several different jobs when he arrived in Adelaide from Pakistan 13 years ago.

This work experience even included a spell working for himself. Most recently the IT expert was an operations manager at a start-up.

He has brought all that experience to his latest endeavour. Maqsood recently bought a CouriersPlease territory covering the predominantly residential suburbs around Seaford in Adelaide.

Maqsood knew from his experience running his own business that hard work and commitment are the keys to success.

CouriersPlease ambitious franchisees

“As a new franchisee you have to put in the work to earn just like any other work; it is so much more rewarding in the long run though because you are your own boss.”

From the start Maqsood was ambitious for his CouriersPlease business.

“In order to improve and grow I hired another driver so as to maintain my ‘On Time Performance’ as this is a busy run.

“The best thing is to have your own territory which you can grow and expand by buying nearby territories and allocating extra resources as you see fit,” he says.

Fellow franchisee Rukshan Thilakaratne started his career with CouriersPlease as a relief driver in 2014.

When he had the opportunity to become a franchise partner in 2016, he jumped at it and bought a Brisbane territory. A year later he had acquired a second run and in 2019 sold his first business.

“I wanted to put more effort and time into developing the second run, which has 40 per cent industrial customers. Within 18 months I was able to show more than three times the growth in this business.”

Always ready with a smile for his customers, Rukshan believes in a supportive and friendly approach to business.

Accelerated growth is a team effort

“With such a competitive market, it is challenging to find new customers and retain them,” he points out.

He has built up a strong community base for his services. “And these customers helped to make my run grow rapidly,” he says.

CouriersPlease also introduced bulk customers which helped to accelerate the growth of his business.

“This growth is a result of the hard work and effort of everyone in CouriersPlease including the other franchisee partners, depot staff, sales marketing teams and everyone behind us,” he says. “We are one team like one big family.”

The brand’s IT investment has also been a huge boon to business.

“CouriersPlease invested in workflow technology to improve the efficiency of our process”’ he says.

“This is the best opportunity for a stable business one could get considering other franchise businesses in the market. You can see the results of your hard work.”