Elite Supplements

About us

Elite Supplements is Australia’s #1 fastest growing supplement franchise. We have helped over 1 million everyday Australians in achieving their health and wellness goals. Our brand is focused on helping people become the best version of themselves. We believe everyone should be able to look and feel their best. Whether our customer is an experienced gym junkie or someone taking their first steps in their journey, we cater & service to people of all demographics, colours, sizes & personal goals.

Becoming a part of a franchise group comes with reasons why you start 20m ahead in a 100m race. Access to buying power, product lines and key brand relationships are just some of the few examples that are not available to a mum & dad store that cannot be competed with. Over almost 20 years of operating, Elite Supplements believe in “keep it simple stupid”. Keeping 80% of what works, and always experimenting 20% with new ideas.

At Elite Supplements we never stand still. We are a business that leads our sector by constantly setting trends with modern, innovative new product lines. That is what makes us one of the most dynamic, exciting, and rewarding opportunities for independent business owners.

We have a team of leasing experts that assist our franchise and partners with finding new sites and lease renewals. We are open to suggested sites but typically the direction is spearheaded from our team.

No previous experience is required. Successful applicants would exhibit personal characteristics in alignment with the Elite Supplements brand. They would have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, ambition to grow a business, commitment to the brands vision and a positive, upbeat attitude.

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Join our fast growing, dynamic and vibrant team of franchisees today! Express your interest in franchising or contact us to suggest a location.

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