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Best 7 tips from Snap’s powerhouse exec

Sarah Stowe

Andy Peat has had an extraordinary journey in fitness. He’s been a franchisee, sales manager and CEO at Lift Brands, which manages the Snap Fitness franchise chain.

While he admits franchising has its challenges, he’s an advocate for a business model that provides easy access to business opportunities.

“I think that when you open your own business, it is actually very taxing to do some of the simple things like find a name, design a logo.

“And when you have a question, finding someone who charges you $15o an hour to give an answer!”

What Andy Peat has seen and helped develop in his 10 years with Lift Brands is the provision of a skill set few individuals have as new business owners.

“We teach them and groom them; franchisees’ success is our success. When they are doing well we celebrate.

“If they are not doing well, we do everything in our power to turn it around.

“Nothing gives me more joy than younger franchisees, or someone starting out as a club manager, as a personal trainer, owning their own club. That’s what keeps me in it”

Peat points to a mentoring program that Lift Brands has just launched.

“We financed an employee into his own gym. I needed a good operator and he didn’t have the funds.

“Now he’s building an awesome business for him and his family, and he’s done 100 times better than we could do as corporates.”

Andy Peat has forged his career with Lift Brands, as his resume reveals:

  • club manager
  • multi-unit franchisee
  • national sales manager
  • CEO Lift Australia
  • CEO Lift NZ
  • Chief operating officer AU/NZ

Here he shares his personal perspective on achieving in life.

Best 7 tips from the top

1. Back yourself.

2. You get a lot further if people genuinely like you. So be a likeable, teachable person.

3. Be adaptable.

4. Be good to your word so that your word means something.

5. Don’t take things personally.

6. Don’t make assumptions.

7. Be a student of life.