6 ways to make a daily meeting worthwhile

Sarah Stowe

How can you improve your performance in one simple step? Team meetings can be a hassle or they can help your business processes. Bruce Myers, formerly CEO at Lenard’s, advocates daily meetings. Yes, getting together every day will improve your efficiencies, he insists.

Staying in touch with your team is important but it is crucial to maximise the time and effort spent in meetings. 

At a franchise management forum organised jointly by the Franchise Advisory Centre and Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, Myers highlighted six key topics to put on the daily agenda.

He also put the spotlight on the time a meeting should take: 10 minutes. Oh, and make it a standing meeting, so people don’t sit back and get comfortable but stay focused on the agenda and providing solutions.

  1. Best of yesterday
  2. Pain points
  3. Targets today
  4. Thought for the day
  5. Check tomorrow
  6. The numbers

Not only does this short list of topics encompass the key concerns for a business on a daily basis, it’s a model that can be translated to weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings, and at all department levels, from C level franchisors to training, field management and operations.

Franchisors might share this with franchisees so they can make the most of their team and stay on top of their business.

How often do you get together with your team?