5 reasons to choose fitness when considering a franchise

Sarah Stowe

Times are tough right now, and it’s a tricky period to commit to a business venture. However, this is the perfect opportunity to investigate which sector might have one key element for survival – the capacity to switch products and services quickly.

So why would you choose a fitness franchise?

5 reasons to choose fitness

1. Fitness is vital for health

The stay-at-home directives have been balanced by a recognition that exercise is essential, not just for physical but also mental health. Even under shutdown, personal training is still allowed one-on-one outside, observing social distancing.

2. Fitness is flexible

The fitness arena offers incredible diversity from ballet barre classes to boxing, from high performance to community focus, from big gyms to mobile personal training, from kids sport to women-only spaces.

The sector has shown it can move quickly to adapt to new and challenging circumstances.

3. Fitness online works

Aussies can still  tap into first class instruction or try something new while at home thanks to fitness apps and franchises pivoting swiftly to deliver digital services.

It’s easy to follow a class online, whether it’s a booked interactive session or a pre-recorded class.

While gyms were some of the first businesses to close in the coronavirus crisis, franchisors and franchisees have shown their ability to adapt quickly and keep engaged with customers.

4. Fitness franchisors are passionate

Business owners share a passion for the world of fitness and providing a great service for clients.

It’s not unusual for franchisees to be drawn from a brand’s customer base or from personal trainers wanting to embed themselves in a business they love and be their own boss.

5. Fitness has plenty of potential

Less than one fifth of the Australian population regularly exercises in a gym or fitness class, so there’s room for this business sector to grow.

Getting it right

It’s a brand-busy marketplace, so this means choosing carefully, and looking for signs of innovation backed by investment.

Check out the credentials of the franchisor team and look for people with longevity in the sector, even if the brand itself is fairly new.

Find out how the franchisors are managing this tough period and how they are engaging with franchisees and helping them to survive.