Cheesecake Shop CEO

World class ambitions for The Cheesecake Shop: CEO Scott Bush reveals what’s ahead

Sarah Stowe
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The Cheesecake Shop is an iconic Aussie brand that started out as a family-owned cake shop, back in 1991, and recently celebrated the opening of its 200th Australian store.

Scott Bush has led the brand for the past nine months, after an impressive 20+ years in a variety of roles at Domino’s. In this podcast we talk about what has informed his leadership, the importance of customer experience, and how he plans to accelerate the growth and development of this niche business.

Scott talks about the family-focus that’s at the heart of The Cheesecake Shop and the mission to bring the brand closer to more Australians, opening 15 to 20 stores a year.

From a brand refresh to bringing more theatre to the stores, Scott reveals there are exciting times ahead for this much-loved retail chain.

Show notes

The Cheesecake Shop was founded by brothers Warwick and Robert Konopacki in 1991. It attracted foreign investment in 2017 when multi-billion-dollar international investment manager PAG bought the business.

Two years later, PAG Asia also acquired the parent company of Oporto, Red Rooster and Chicken Treat – Craveable Brands.

Early in 2022, PAG sold The Cheesecake Shop to Melbourne-based investor River Capital.

Under Scott Bush’ leadership the cake chain has appointed four agencies to supports its marketing team, now headed up by chief marketing officer Rebecca Barnes. The Marketing Lab will help provide local area marketing support for franchisees. Elevencom is working on brand and creative, Wavemaker has a digital and media remit and Aruga is handling PR.

The Cheesecake Shop was the first food brand to win a 5-star franchise rating through the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

In the discussion Scott Bush referenced ‘last night’s soccer’; the podcast was recorded the morning after the Matildas defeated Canada in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 match.