MyHome brilliant business

Why MyHome’s brilliant business is a smart option

Sarah Stowe

A business built on brilliant systems and the latest technology is delivering entrepreneurs the ultimate work life balance.

MyHome’s management franchise is the ideal solution for a smart operator looking to gain supreme flexibility in their working lives. It also provides the perfect platform for keen entrepreneurs ambitious to reach a six-figure revenue.

MyHome founder Russell O’Connell has spent the last 15 years developing and building this remarkable business, which today has 20 teams servicing regular customers daily, and laying the foundations for the unique franchise opportunity that MyHome is today.

“The franchise model we had intended was a mirror of the operation running in head office. But our first franchise owner, Josie, showed us the way forward.,” says Russell. “I realised that working four days a week, a few hours a day, was providing her with a good work life. She is happy and she’s making money.

Add in advances in technology enabling MyHome owners to operate from a mobile phone or tablet and it made sense to provide a flexible business option.

MyHome’s flexibility is a smart option

“We have done a lot and invested a lot to get our franchise proposition right for our franchise owners,” says Russell. “Now we have a franchise proposition where the owner determines how big or small they want to be.

“The business should work for you, not you for it. We always start our conversations with franchise owners by working out what they want, how much money they want to bring in, what kind of lifestyle they are seeking.

“You can have the flexible four-day week, but if you want a multi-million-dollar business, then that means working a five-day week,” Russell points out.

MyHome works with each potential franchise partner to define their goals, and then uses a templated business plan to show what the business would look like.

“This is to set an expectation level between us and the franchise owner, so we are both clear about goals, aims and targets.”

MyHome’s distinctive offer enables owners to operate a premium home services management franchise. They recruit staff to work in teams of two to deliver the services.

Premium MyHome services a brilliant business opportunity

Each MyHome owner employs the cleaners as staff, which gives them quality control.

“Good customer service is about exceeding expectations,” says Russell.

A standout element is the unique Tri-colour system that provides clarity and assurance for staff, customers and the MyHome owners.

Russell explains. “Cleaning companies charge by the hour and as a customer, you often don’t know what to expect.

“The MyHome Clean Tri-colour system defines what services we will provide. We have divided the home into three zones, with 11 or 12 tasks in each zone.

“The customer knows the price we charge, and what gets cleaned. If one of the cleaners misses a task, we go back and do it for free. It’s a set process and it works – really well.”

This is where the smart use of technology benefits the franchisee. MyHome provides videos on each task, all of which can be accessed on a cleaner’s mobile phone via the MyHome Central platform.

Once trained, cleaners can deliver services from day one, Russell points out, because all the guidelines are at their fingertips.

High tech, high touch approach at MyHome

Franchise owners use the MyHome Central portal for standard operating procedures and to learn of any manual or marketing updates.

“Everything to run a brilliant MyHome business is sitting there on the mobile phone,” reiterates Russell.

“We chose this business because it is simple. The systems are quite sophisticated, but for owners there are few moving parts. They are managing customers and their teams.”

While the tech ticks the boxes when it comes to streamlined operations, it doesn’t over step the mark in customer service.

“We never want to give away that personal touch. Of course with our tech we could take customers online, but we’d lose our competitive edge.”

When a customer first contacts the company they speak with a team member who explains the MyHome process and books an appointment. The franchise owner visits their home and finalises the booking process.

“Just about 95 per cent of our revenue is repeat business,” says Russell. “It’s all about relationships with customers.”

Customer relationships are key

MyHome takes the same approach to its customers as it does to franchise owners: not everyone is right for the business.

“Not everyone fits the profile. We ask for customers to provide a window of time for an appointment, almost always ask for a key to their home, and their credit card details. Of course we demonstrate to them our security system is robust.

“We also ask the customer to agree to ongoing communication. If and when things go wrong, and they will, just let us know and we will rectify them.

“Most cleaning companies take on every customer but there is a danger of overpromising and underquoting. We are upfront and ensure we have the systems to back it up.

“Most people understand that. And our franchise owners are the guardians of that system, with our corporate help.

“Recruiting the right partners is key. We’re only looking for franchise partners in Melbourne right now because we like to keep our operations local.

“If and when we go interstate, we’d open another service hub so we can easily support owners.

“At MyHome we describe ourselves as high tech, high touch – and that works for franchise owners as much as customers.”