early days Snap-on franchisee

What do the early days of a Snap-on franchisee look like?


Josh Bazika has been one of Snap-on’s fastest-growing franchisees. He brings a background in customer service across the retail and hospitality industries and is a stellar example of how following the Snap-on program can drive real results.

We sat down with Josh to find out what it takes to truly succeed as a new Snap-on franchisee. 

Buying a business just months into the job

“My entrance into Snap-on really does feel full circle,” Josh reveals. “As a kid, I would often see the Snap-on truck because of my father’s line of work as a panel beater. I would look up and admire this giant truck that had pulled up and want to own one when I was older. Lo and behold, here I am about to get my second truck.”

The progression for Josh, from responding to a job ad to owning his own business, was lightning fast. 

“My journey was quick! I applied for a job with a previous franchisee who ran the area that I’m now taking over. I started as a store manager for him at 24-years-old and within months he offered me the first opportunity to buy the business off him. I took over ownership of my first mobile store in late 2019.”

Snap-on franchisee training helped with a challenge like no other

Only months after buying into the Snap-on franchisee model, Josh was faced with the restrictions that came with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I won’t lie, I was worried. I was 24 and just starting out my new business.  That said, I looked at how long Snap-on had been around – 2020 marked 100 years – and they’ve seen plenty of financial crises and interruptions in that time. So, I felt confident that something about Snap-on simply works and that it had the fundamentals to help me ride that wave.

“I followed the program that I learned at Dallas, Texas when Snap-on sent me out there for training. That worked and saw me through.”

Clearly, it continues to work as Josh has expanded his business with Snap-on to own a second truck. This allows him to seamlessly service nearby workshops and expand his own team.

What’s the key to successfully running a franchise?

“Having that passion to sell is vital,” says Josh. “At the end of the day, what differentiates success from failure is customer service. Customers are usually receptive to you reaching out to them. Do that and you’ll succeed because the brand awareness exists. The products are top quality so what you need to provide is high-quality customer service and knowledge.”

This doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work. Snap-on franchisees benefit from understanding what’s involved in those early years.  

“There are many hours on the road and prepping for runs. For the first three years, I worked extremely hard and then my weekends were mine to enjoy. Now with things expanding and having more team members, we shuffle timings around to provide flexibility and work-life balance for them. It always comes down to balancing priorities.

“It’s super helpful to have someone supportive behind you in those early stages as a Snap-on franchisee. For me, it was my wife Sandra, who I’m incredibly thankful for. I want to make sure she knows how incredibly appreciative I am for her support. I also want to make a call out to those customers who have helped me reach a stage where I can see the long-term future of my business.”

Interested in becoming a Snap-on franchisee? We welcome those from diverse backgrounds to get in touch. The business began in 1920 and we’ve spent that time honing smooth processes and ongoing support for our franchisees. To learn more, head to snapontools.com.au.