Snap-on franchisee year success

Snap-on Franchisee of the Year shares nuts and bolts of success


Rockhampton franchisee Anton Billett truly embodies the spirit of Snap-on’s century-long tradition of quality. 

Snap-on Tools is a leading innovator, manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools, diagnostics and equipment solutions. Boasting an impressive portfolio of over 22,000 products, the company is dedicated to equipping technicians and workshop owners with the essential tools they need to deliver their services.

Anton was awarded National Snap-on Franchisee of the Year 2023 at the recent annual conference held on the Sunshine Coast in January. 

He insists his personal success is the result of his customer’s loyalty and the strength of the Snap-on brand. 

“It’s a premium brand and once the customers buy a Snap-on toolbox and see its quality, they’re not going anywhere else.” 

Anton attributes much of his custom to such toolboxes and this has seen him win the Masters of Metal award after selling the most in tool storage of any franchise across the nation. 

Viewing his customers as the bedrock of his long-term success, he speaks of the loyalty that the Snap-on brand consistently enjoys and he loves “taking the customers on the journey and helping them build their dream toolkit.” 

Anton has also capitalised on broader initiatives from the Snap-on brand to great effect. He became the first franchisee in the country to earn over a million dollars in one year from the trade card initiative. 

Anton’s journey to Snap-on 

While Snap-on Tools has been the lifeblood of Anton’s professional success for many years, his career started in a different fashion.

His first job after school was as a motor mechanic and then Anton found himself unexpectedly thrown into the world of premium tools. 

“I had a mate I knew from karate that had a Snap-on franchise and the opportunity arose because he needed another driver,” he explains. Despite this sudden immersion in the Snap-on family, Anton quickly developed a passion for tools, thoroughly enjoying his time working as “a second man operator for my mate, Brad Watts.” 

Anton learned  every facet of the business, and Brad gave him plenty of autonomy.

“I was given a truck to essentially run my own mobile store,” he says.

He even found himself regularly assisting with the paperwork and bookkeeping side of the business, a task he would later become familiar with.

From Snap-on employee to Franchisee of the Year success

After 13 years as an employee of a franchisee, Anton was presented with a new opportunity when his long-time friend, colleague and mentor, Brad, left the business and offered him a territory. It proved to be an offer he couldn’t refuse.    

“When he stepped away, I got the choice of which franchise to buy of his four and I went for North Rockhampton. It wasn’t a matter of if, but just which!” 

The progression from employee to franchisee was refreshingly smooth for Anton given his strong history with the business. 

“It was an easier transition than it might have been because I already knew the ins and outs of the business. It was just a matter of remembering everything I’d learned.”  

As Anton established his own route, he worked independently for over three years, before reaching a point where he realised he simply “wasn’t getting the full potential out of the run”. 

Anton hired an assistant to help operate his mobile store and free him up to complete more administrative tasks. Anton was rewarded by seeing his “numbers increase considerably”.

A tried and tested model

What’s the secret to Anton’s success? 

He’ll tell you adamantly that “there is no secret”. Instead, he speaks glowingly of the dedicated assistance on display at Snap-on. 

“Snap-on are good all the way, there’s always support for you no matter what you do. They want you to grow and they’ll do whatever they can to make sure you do.” 

Anton sees Snap-on’s well-structured and time-tested franchise model as one of his biggest assets and feels it contributes greatly to the sustained success of the franchises. 

“Really, I’m not a big believer that any one patch is that different to another. They can all do well because they’re set up for success and they’re well supported.” 

Such consistency across franchises sees Anton maintain regular contact with fellow franchise owners from Mackay and Emerald in particular and he relishes the opportunity to share ideas and stories. 

The future for Anton

So, what’s next for Anton?

“We have a lot of field service customers that don’t have a physical location, so we’ve purchased some sheds which we’re renovating to create an office and a warehouse to store more toolboxes and equipment.” 

This investment will allow Anton to have inventory available when his customers need it. and it’s just one of Anton’s many initiatives that have seen him enjoy sustained success.  

“It’s a great franchise, you can’t go wrong”

Full of praise for the Snap-on business model, Anton whole-heartedly encourages budding entrepreneurs and tool fanatics to seize the opportunity of Snap-on franchise ownership without hesitation. 

“If you have the personality and work hard, you will be successful. It’s as simple as that.” 

Anton recommends franchise ownership for those willing to invest their time and effort into the global company. 

“The brand is so strong and the customers love it. But always be consistent. Be a sale maker, not an order taker, and you’ll be successful with Snap-on every time”. 

Across the Australia and New Zealand branch of the global Snap-on entity, more than 180 dedicated franchisees provide their local communities with premium products, delivering Snap-on’s globally admired gold standard of customer service. 

Snap-on has opportunities across Australia and New Zealand for ambitious, hard-working and goal-oriented individuals. If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee with Snap-on, speak to our team on 1800 810 581 or visit for more details.