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Spotlight on Gelatissimo

Sarah Stowe

Anthony Shina, Gelatissimo’s chief development officer, takes the Franchise Business Q&A.

How long has Gelatissimo been a thriving business, and when did franchising begin?

It began in 2002 on King Street, Sydney, and transitioned to a franchise model in 2004. Today Gelatissimo has more than 70 outlets globally. 

What’s the investment required to own a franchise?

The Gelatissimo franchise presents a dynamic store format adaptable to various spaces, with an investment ranging from $300,000 to $450,000 (excluding GST). 

Describe the core areas of your business

Our core areas focus on crafting artisanal gelato, emphasising premium ingredients, continuous flavour innovation, and a superb customer experience. The franchise model offers comprehensive support, training, and a proven business model, reflecting our commitment to quality, innovation, and creating memorable moments.

Who is your typical customer?

Our appeal spans families, tourists, and diverse demographics, and recent transformations designed to attract those seeking a premium experience. Our flexibility enables us to reach several different precincts – beaches, tourist locations, city centres, shopping centres, neighbourhood strips and regional towns.

What sets the brand apart from the competition?

Gelatissimo’s focus on quality, innovation, brand trust, immersive store experiences, and community engagement collectively set it apart from the competition, providing customers with a unique and delightful gelato experience.

Why is Gelatissimo an excellent business for a franchisee?

It offers diverse customer base appeal, it’s a trusted and recognised brand with a competitive franchise model and compelling new branding. 

Which franchisee support element is most well-received and why?

The element most appreciated and championed is our unwavering commitment to product development and innovation. This support pillar stands as the cornerstone of the Gelatissimo experience, contributing to the constant evolution of our flavours, campaigns, and products.  

What’s the typical work commitment for a franchisee?

Typically a franchisee works an average of 40-50 hours a week. Precise hours can vary based on factors such as location dynamics (eg CBD versus beachside tourist hub) and store size. However, our franchisees generally find a balance that ensures both operational excellence and a healthy work-life equilibrium. 

What drives Gelatissimo’s growth strategy?

Gelatissimo’s growth strategy is underpinned by a measured approach. We strategically align with locations that complement our brand essence and ensure an optimal experience for our franchisees. We prioritise quality over quantity, emphasising sustainable expansion that maintains the high standards of our brand. 

What are Gelatissimo’s expansion plans for the next five years?

While we continue to diversify our metro, suburban and regional portfolio, we have a clear focus on developing our presence in WA. Our goal is to evolve from a single store to a multi-site network. 

Share one exciting innovation or development on the horizon

Gelatissimo is at the forefront of transformative growth. Our recently unveiled flagship Darling Harbour store marks a pivotal milestone in our brand journey. We’re not just expanding; we’re executing a comprehensive brand transformation across all stores. With over 80 per cent of our network already rebranded, we will continue to drive this transformation this year. Our approach isn’t just about numbers; it’s a strategic blend of redefining the customer experience and achieving market dominance through our flavour-obsessed journey.