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Spolight on The Cheesecake Shop

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How long has the business been trading, and how long franchising?

The Cheesecake Shop began as a single family-owned bakery in Rozelle, a suburb in inner-west Sydney, in 1991. Since starting our franchising journey in 1993, The Cheesecake Shop has become an international success. We have over 240 bakeries and more than 2,000 people employed across Australia and New Zealand.

What does it cost to buy a franchise?

The initial investment to establish a new The Cheesecake Shop franchise is $449,000 + GST. 

What are the core areas of your company’s business?

For over 30 years, The Cheesecake Shop has been making, creating, baking and delivering cakes for all of life’s special occasions and the everyday indulgences. The brand has become synonymous with immaculately presented, hand-crafted delicious cakes and desserts, loved by generations of Australians and New Zealanders.

We have cultivated a community of dedicated business owners and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating sweet memories for their communities. Our high-quality cakes and desserts, baked fresh in-store daily, have become customer favourites across Australia and New Zealand.

We continuously innovate, introducing new and exciting products to keep our range fresh and appealing and, in line with our values, we participate in meaningful partnerships to make a difference in our communities. Our national partnership with Make-A-Wish is helping to grant wishes to sick children across Australia and New Zealand.

Who is a typical customer, and do you have any plans to reach a different demographic?

Market research indicates that in Australia, our typical customers are aged 40-49, with children under 18. In New Zealand, our customer base tends to consist of individuals with younger children. 

However, here at The Cheesecake Shop, we are focused on evolution, trend-following, and introducing exciting new products to attract new, and broader, demographics. 

From Cheesecake-Lamingtons to Smash Cakes and Dessert Boxes, we are constantly evolving to bring new things to both our existing and new customers. We launch national campaigns and products to attract SINKs (Single Income, No Kids) and DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) into the brand, tapping into emerging markets.

Our head development chef stays at the forefront of dessert trends and leads product innovation to meet evolving customer preferences. As an example of our commitment to constant evolution, we launched vegan products and single serve treats to ensure we have something for everyone.

Spotlight on The Cheesecake Shop’s brand offer

What makes your brand stand out from the competition? 

When you join The Cheesecake Shop, you’re investing in a trusted household name with 96 per cent brand recognition. From day one, you benefit from the strength and reputation of a brand that people know and trust.

Our operational processes have been streamlined over decades, ensuring proven effectiveness. We excel at enhancing efficiency and productivity for our franchise partners and understand how to minimise food and product wastage. We provide key insights, and a wealth of resources, so that you feel equipped to tap into the market.

Why is this a good business for a franchisee to buy into?

With hundreds of stores, significant investment in brand and marketing, and our ongoing commitment to innovation, The Cheesecake Shop ensures a strong brand presence that keeps you at the forefront of consumer purchasing habits.

Franchising with The Cheesecake Shop means that you will have access to comprehensive support to navigate the ever-changing market landscape, where innovation and adaptability are key. Our resources include marketing, operations, franchise development, PPC, legal, financial, commercial support, as well as supply, procurement, and product innovation.

Which element of franchisee support is the most well received?

From day one, you are surrounded by a dedicated team committed to your success. Over decades, we have developed and refined systems based on extensive experience and proven results. Our franchise partners benefit from our expert teams, comprehensive data, research, and insights, which help guide and enhance their strategies.

Our ongoing training and development support means that you are continually supported as you navigate evolving trends and market changes.

How many hours a week does a franchisee typically work? 

With a network of over 240 stores, our franchise partners employ diverse management strategies. One common trait among all our successful franchisees is their full commitment to their business. Most franchisees dedicate at least 40 hours per week to their franchise. 

Being a franchise partner for The Cheesecake Shop involves regular interaction with the public and managing a team of employees. Success requires a disciplined, hands-on individual who consistently focuses on delivering excellent products and services.

Many of our franchise partners are also multi-unit operators, driven by a mindset focused on sales growth and customer service. We encourage this multi-unit approach to prioritise internal growth and opportunities, and allow our franchise partners to invest in expansion, growth, and long-term success.

What drives your growth strategy?

As part of our franchise development strategy, we carefully assess locations to benefit both our customers and our franchise partners. Our decisions are strategic, aiming to ensure success from the start.

We evaluate the local population and community growth rates. Additionally, we always analyse existing competition, both external and internal.

What are your expansion plans?

After launching the rebrand in November 2023, The Cheesecake Shop is on an exciting growth trajectory. 

We spent time listening to our customers past and present – and evolved as demanded. This exciting new chapter for the Cheesecake Shop embraces our rich history and reflects the changing needs and desires of our customers.

All new stores will adopt the modern store fit-out, while existing stores will update as part of refurbishment plans. 

Share one exciting innovation or development on the horizon

And reveal our brand secrets? Nice try. Only our franchise partners know what’s coming up next. It’s safe to say our pipeline is looking VERY exciting… Join the team and be a part of creating sweet memories for our communities.