Snap Print launches online facility with Canva

Sarah Stowe

Snap Print launches online program, offering digital offering DIY graphic design technology from Canva.

The Snap Print-Online initiative opens up new markets for its more than 130 franchisees who can now cater for the digital preferences of the modern print buyer.

Richard Thame, CEO, said “Snap is a unique business, made up of over a hundred small business owners, many who have held Snap Centres in the same location for over 20 years.”

He outlined the major focus for the heritage brand’s digital option is to provide world best technology for customers.

And that’s how Canva became involved in the project.

“The digital environment is an important part of Snap Franchising’s future, but equally so is the success of our local Snap Centres, the small business owners they are connected with, and in turn, the jobs they create in their local communities,” said Richard.

“One of the important lessons of the pandemic has been the realisation of how important our local businesses are to their local communities. ‘Working Together in Community’ is a value that Snap has always believed in and why every order made through Snap Print-Online will connect customers directly to their local Snap Centre.”

The partnership with Snap is also a world first for Canva, making it the first partnership with a franchise business for the now $20 billion-valued tech unicorn.

Aaron Day, global partnership lead for Canva, praised the print chain’s forward-thinking approach.

“In early 2020 when I first connected with Snap what I saw from them was vision and a willingness to invest in a modern e-commerce platform that would be best in class globally. Through combining the Canva platform with this vision, what they have delivered is beyond our expectations and we expect massive growth from the Snap/Canva partnership into a premium print marketplace.”