Right Home caregiver retention

Right at Home’s smart hiring leads to caregiver retention

Sarah Stowe

Successful senior and disability home care is all about delivering an excellent service that suits the clients needs. On the frontline that means employing first-class caregivers to ensure a positive experience, something that Right at Home has mastered.

It was one of the first companies globally to enter the home senior care space, and has built a solid reputation for client-centred care.

Every franchisee needs to have a good supply of motivated, well-qualified caregivers and Right at Home treats the retention of clients and caregivers as equally important. So for any franchisee joining the renowned business, recruitment is an essential part of business establishment, and growth.

The benefit of joining a franchise with an established reputation and skills in recruitment is having access to the knowledge, experience and systems within the business.

And Right at Home’s attrition rate of just 6.89 per cent against a reported industry figure of 34 per cent is testament to its successful approach.

Smart recruitment leads to caregiver retention at Right at Home

So how does it achieve this?

It starts with smart recruitment. Right at Home has created a world class job board system which attracts and processes applications from prospective caregivers. Franchisees are also encouraged to harness social media, particularly Facebook, as a recruitment tool. By creating a strong social presence they can showcase their unique attributes, personal story and the benefits of the business which will attract top quality candidates.

Once employed, care staff have access to a bespoke rewards, recognition and communication platform with benefits such as discounts from hundreds of retailers, an online exercise class pass and online wellbeing centre. 

The priority for a newly-minted franchisee is to employ a registered nurse care manager; this is essential so the business can conduct client needs assessments, write accurate care plans and cater for clients with complex needs.

A registered nurse can also manage client and family conversations around wellbeing and recovery, and take on the training of the caregiver team.

Training and support

Of course once on board, caregivers need excellent training and support. At Right at Home there is a big focus on compliance and productivity. Backed by its years of experience, the franchisor is able to identify the best ways to sustain caregiver interest and achieve the necessary results.

It has developed a learning management system that helps franchisee deliver mandatory training and source opportunities for further development, which includes free government-provided courses.

Demand for home care services

There is a huge demand for caregiving. More than 2.65 million Australians already care for a family member or friend and 60 per cent of Gen Z intend to help support their parents financially when care is needed.

As an approved provider, Right at Home can deliver government-funded services to older Australians. This is just the beginning of the services opportunities franchisees can leverage.

Franchisees have the opportunity to add disability services, to brokerage services on behalf of other care providers, to supply government-funded transitional care for patients leaving hospital, as well as allied health services. They can choose to add in day activity services for older Aussies and to provide respite support. 

These additional services not only help franchisees differentiate their business in a competitive market, they open up new client bases. The Right at Home franchise advantages also include a software and wraparound policy and client management platform that scales as a franchisee builds their business.