Pack & Send's growth

Pack & Send’s growth skyrockets in logistics market

Sarah Stowe

Pack & Send is in a growth trajectory, keeping up the pace it achieved with booming sales revenue during Covid, and as a result of high level technology investment. 

The Australian business has led the way with technology, identifiying well before the pandemic that demand for online parcel deliveries would significantly escalate as online shopping took off.

“We’ve taken full advantage of that opportunity,” says country manager Nicholas Woodward.

The logistics firm has opened up outlets in all states and capital cities and Nicholas expects that growth to continue.

“We want to be 150+ outlets by the end of 2024,” he says.

Nicholas has identified a whole host of new territories in states and key regional centres where there is as yet no Pack & Send presence.

Right now there are 123 centres across the country, some of them the traditional retail outlets upon which the business was built. But there are new and exciting developments which are taking the brand to the next level.

Logistics service centres are boosting franchisee capabilities

“Our biggest growth areas include logistics service centres,” Nicholas explains.

These service centres combine a retail outlet in premises of 80-100sqm, and a warehouse.

“A third of our network is logistics centres,” says Nicholas. “We have 42 outlets, the biggest is 1000 sqm but typically they are 200-1000 sqm. 

“What we’ve seen is more franchise partners, when they join Pack & Send, start with retail and expand into multi-centre ownership or start directly with logistics.

“Typically the franchise partner is an owner-operator. They will then employ staff and a logistics manager, or take on that role themselves and put in a sales-oriented person to acquire customers.”

The success of Pack & Send’s business model, and the technical capabilities, make it easy for franchisees to develop their business operations into multi-centre ownership, says Nicholas.

“It enables them to offer more solutions to existing customers, and they can grow a new customer base.”

Other synergies include sharing staff and vans across their territories so franchisees can more effectively service customers.

Live technology adds a new dimension to business

“What makes the logistics service centre offer so successful is Pack & Send Live,” Nicholas reveals.

The flurry of entrepreneurs opening small businesses over the past few years has increased demand for warehousing and logistics services on a smaller scale.

The Pack & Send Live responds to this need. The free subscription shipping solution for ecommerce integrates a customer’s website with the Pack & Send shipping platform. Business owners can fulfil the order themselves, or can elect to store goods with the logistics firm which then provides the fulfilment service.

“We hold the stock and fulfil the orders as they come,” says Nicholas. “It’s the fastest growing segment of the business and very popular with small businesses, who are growing themselves.

“They don’t have the expertise in shipping or fulfilment. We do. We’re a one-stop-shop.”

Pack & Send’s growth may bring in sales of $100 million+

He admits the biggest challenge for franchise growth is the limitation of the warehouse footprint. 

“One substantial customer could fill up to 60 per cent of storage space as soon as they are signed up,” he explains. “Franchise partners need to think outside the box, and find off-site storage facilities.

All the signs are that the brand’s growth will continue to rocket, as small business owners try to keep up with customer demand.

“For this calendar year, year-to-date sales are up 18 per cent on what was a record-breaking 2021. We are on track to smash last year’s results, projected to achieve sales of over $100 million.”

And sales growth for the brand has translated to signifcant partner profit growth, he points out.

“At our conference in August this year we announced our future proof strategy. It will enable our franchise partners to sell, deliver and grow.”

It’s important for Pack & Send to sustain its focus, and energies, on helping franchisees achieve growth.

“We’ve had remarkable success during Covid, we can’t be complacent,” says Nicholas. 

A sign that Pack & Send maintains its levels of excellence is an independent star-rating for business performance and transparency. 

“This year we retained our 5-star rating for the fourth consecutive year, this rating is conducted by respected franchise and information specialist FRANdata,” says Nicholas. “It gives prospective franchisees confidence. As part of their due diligence process, it’s a big tick of confidence.”

Appetite for growth

Pack & Send’s appetite for growth is backed up by technology that supports the franchisee. 

The business has invested in a sales growth training program. It is also delivering a new customer relationship management system to help franchisees acquire and retain new customers.

“This is selling with ambition, proactively targeting SMEs and consumers,” he says.

It’s crucial franchisees’ ambition matches that of the brand.

“We’ve always looked for entrepreneurs. We don’t require previous sales experience, but someone ready to be trained, willing to follow the Pack & Send system of selling. It will enable us to continue our growth in the years to come, and take advantage of the business model and tech-driven fulfilment services.”