Oporto, Red Rooster, Chicken Treat recruitment drive surges

Sarah Stowe

Craveable Brands, which is the parent company of Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat, is on a recruitment surge, thanks to the growth of these popular brands during the pandemic.

The multi-brand business is advertising 320 roles for keen new staff members across its national network of restaurants. Another 14 job vacancies exist at the Sydney head office.

These new recruits will join the existing 13,000 employees who work in the 580 restaurants and the 180 head office staff.

Every state has positions at Oporto and Red Rooster outlets and in Western Australia Chicken Treat has jobs up for grabs from Manjimup to Margaret River.

The head office has a diverse range of employment opportunities including digital marketing manager, business analyst, head of commercial,  supply chain analyst, IT service delivery manager, and content and communications specialist.

Craveable Brands’ chief people officer Trudie Harriman said the company is committed to career  development.

“We are proud to empower people to try new opportunities and move through different roles, departments and brands to become senior leaders in head office, or franchise partners if they’re starting as restaurant team members,” she said.

“One way we support employees is through our Craver Academy, where staff can access education  courses and other assets to help them learn and develop skills.”

Craveable Brands Group CEO Karen Bozic said the burst of activity in recruitment is a sign the outlook is positive for the chicken chains.

“We are very fortunate that at a time with so much uncertainty, our industry, our company and our  brands have experienced unprecedented growth, with no signs of slowing down.”