Kitset excellent support

Kitset Assembly Services’ excellent support can take you from zero to hero

Sarah Stowe

Awesome support, brilliant branding and fantastic job satisfaction; these are the standout elements of the Kitset Assembly Services business, says Galvin Milich.

Galvin bought a Kitset franchise over five years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

“The best thing about Kitset is the genuine appreciation and excitement you get from customers for bringing their vision to life,” he says. “Whether you are erecting a gazebo, assembling furniture or picture hanging, customers love what you do. They appreciate you, and that’s like getting a big pat on the back every day.”

Starting up in a new business is a steep learning curve, says the former retail manager turned business-owner, but the business-in-a-box set-up at Kitset makes the process simple.

The excellent support that Kitset offers significantly eases the challenges of new business ownership. It starts with one week of office-bound learning followed by three weeks in the field. New franchisees spend time, with the trainer or established franchisees, becoming familiar with the classic flatpacked products they will need to assemble and fine-tuning their competencies.

Kitset provides specially designed templates for assembly tools that simplify the process and make it a breeze for anyone to assemble any item.

Galvin appreciated the advice available through other franchisees, too.

Easing challenges of business ownership

“The support of the franchisee network is invaluable from early on. Those insider tips are golden!” he says.

Galvin had owned an automotive business before heading into retail, so he understands the pressures on small business owners, particularly independents.

“Kitset’s comprehensive training program helps you get started and it doesn’t take long to get a handle on it. The business building blocks are easy and straightforward, and you can always turn to the support team for help.

“It was gold to be able to ask for help from the franchise management team and get support, whatever the problem.”

Kitset provides a proprietary software franchisee management system, ToolKit, which seamlessly integrates with other key programs such as accounting platform Xero.

“The software is brilliant and ensures there are no headaches with the admin, and so it only takes around an hour of my time each day,” says Galvin.

Brilliant tech tools are just part of Kitset’s excellent support

The earlier stages of customer acquisition are handled by the franchisor. “Customers will contact Kitset through any number of channels and head office manages the quoting process. All the information is then loaded into Toolkit and from there it’s quite intuitive for a franchisee to manage their account,” he explains.

Early on in his business Galvin discovered the advantage of having access to expert guidance.

“In the initial stages of business if you are doing the right things and the light switch is on, you can go from near zero to hero quite quickly. Suddenly you are inundated with work!

“When that happened to me the Kitset Customer Experience team were brilliant, helping me plan my week and not let the sudden success overwhelm me.

“Of course, over time your efficiencies get better. One product might take you a day to assemble when you start; in a few months it will only take three or four hours.”

Kitset allows franchisees to add on their choice of skillsets or specialise in particular revenue streams to boost their own business, which Galvin regards as a real bonus.

“Kitset provides a framework for franchisees to grow with their ambitions, and their business. So taking the next step is just a process,” he says.

Retail and supplier customers

Another string in the franchisee’s bow is access to retail chains and suppliers who recommend assembly services to their customers.

The retailer/supplier network is continually growing and provides a steady stream of clients.

“Once you get a good relationship with a retailer, and service their customers well, they won’t hesitate to refer you,” say Galvin.

“Customers want you to be in their household to take away the stress – do the job, be polite and professional.

“If you follow the model, get to appointments on time, the chances of a call-back are almost 100 per cent.”

Galvin finds there is another brilliant source of new business – Kitset’s bold branding.

“The green and black vans and utes really have an impact in the community. We get comments from everyone, when we’re driving around or parked at the supermarket, and the branding definitely brings in new business,” he says. “Sometimes there is a queue of people waiting at the van for business cards!”

As a brand new franchisee he had set himself some clear goals – which he met in the first couple of years.

“I worked really hard, focused on the business, and I reaped the rewards.”

Lifestyle combined with ambition

These include the lifestyle benefits of being his own boss in a versatile business model.

“There is flexibility about when I work, so I can accommodate my adventurous outdoors lifestyle. I ride dirt bikes, and if I’m free I can take time out and enjoy the bike on a weekday. That’s brilliant,” he says.

It’s a long way from the corporate life Galvin was keen to leave when he first bought the business five-plus years ago.

“When I was looking for my next career move, and thought about what I like to do, Kitset’s diversity and availability of work, practical application, and attention to detail bundled up made it the perfect match.

“When I started out I had a business plan that Kitset helped guide me in creating, and along the way the support team has helped me reshape it to match my ambition, and my business progress.

“Follow the Kitset system and you stand a good chance of being successful,” he says.