Lunch Box catering franchise (1)

Gourmet chef cooks up a storm with Lunch in a Box catering

Sarah Stowe

Wayne Farmer brought his fine-dining cooking skills honed at Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels in the UK to his entrepreneurial ventures, Lunch In A Box and One Pot Catering.

The Lunch In A Box catering franchise reflects Wayne’s desire to provide convenient, delicious, and healthy meal options for busy professionals, schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

The concept is simple yet powerful: individually packed meals that are easy to distribute and enjoy, without the hassle of traditional catering setups – and with an exciting retail concept on the horizon.

Lunch in a Box catering franchise

The appeal of Lunch In A Box lies in its versatility and quality. It offers a range of options from finger food and breakfast boxes to cheese and antipasto selections and grazing boards, from afternoon tea to treats and snacks and chilled beverages.

The menu caters to all dietary and cultural requirements.

Wayne’s other business, One Pot Catering, has become a go-to for events ranging from intimate gatherings to large corporate functions. This gourmet offer focuses on fresh, high-quality ingredients and innovative menus.

Delivery high-quality food and service

Wayne’s entrepreneurial success is far from his original goal of joining the army.

“I was going to go into the army and dropped into an open day at the local college. I started cooking and loved it! So I did a three-year degree course in cookery.

“I like the focus you need when you cook,” says Wayne.

The translation of passion and focus into the delivery of high-quality food and service impressed the young chef.

“I saw people with so much passion in London working with high-end produce and at a fast pace. It was inspiring,” he says.

However, more than passion, it is a willingness to learn and grow in the catering business that Wayne seeks from franchisees.

“The passion for food can develop, I want experienced business people to take this on. This is an opportunity for franchisees who want to be involved in their business, it’s not an invest-and-manage option.

“We’re looking for commitment and ambition to grow the business, and franchisees who want to take on more and more.”

A growing market for Lunch in a Box

Lunch In A Box has demonstrated its viability and popularity in Sydney and Melbourne. The brand is synonymous with quality and convenience, so it has both franchisee and customer appeal.

“We maintain high standards in the kitchen and we have a gold licence for hygiene, staff and insurance from Restaurant & Catering,” he says. The Gold Licence Caterer’s Accreditation recognises caterers who adhere to the highest standards of food safety and industry best practice.

Wayne understands first-hand the importance of training. He backed up his extensive experience in international cuisine and high-end dining with a Diploma of Management and qualifications in commercial cookery, food safety, and hospitality.

Lunch in a Box provides franchisees with extensive training and support, so even those without formal culinary qualifications can succeed. Wayne’s experience and hands-on approach mean that franchise partners receive unparalleled guidance and support.

Lunch in a Box franchisees have plenty of potential to expand their market. Wayne points out that the growth in sectors like education, health, and defence is set to provide a burgeoning customer base for new franchises.

Wayne has brought passion, innovation, and hard work to his business ventures. Lunch in a Box is at the beginning of its franchise catering journey providing premium quality food and service. It is primed to expand with individuals who share Wayne’s values of top quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

And with an exciting retail concept in the pipeline, there’s no better time to join Lunch in a Box.