Fenceology franchisee revenue

Fenceology franchisee hits $80,000 revenue in his first month

Sarah Stowe

Owning a Fenceology franchise was not just a brilliant way for Ozan Karakaya to be his own boss, it has proved to be a winning financial move too.

Ozan was studying project management and working in civil construction before he invested in a Fenceology business.

“I was enrolled in a leadership program, with the intention of becoming a foreman,” he explains.

His future changed though when he crossed paths with Fenceology founder Aleksandar (Alex) Spasovski at a work site where Alex was completing a job.

“We spoke about work and franchising, and I was pretty interested. I didn’t know much about owning a franchise but I liked the idea of running my own business with support from the franchisor,” says Ozan.

He questioned other Fenceology franchisees about the business, and their positive responses gave him confidence in the business model, and the support provided.

Taking the risk

“I always wanted to be a leader, and I thought, why don’t I just become my own boss?”

So Ozan made the decision to resign from his job and purchase the Essendon Fenceology business.

It was a fast learning curve, undergoing the training and spending time with other Fenceology franchisees to learn the ropes.

“It’s a physical job, but you learn to work smart. We get taught to use the right techniques because it’s all about knowing how to do things correctly.

“Safety is so important, and that’s a big focus in the training.”

Ozan began to secure customers quite quickly once he began operating his own business.

Fenceology franchisee’s $80,000 revenue

“I was out doing quotes for jobs, and about a month later I got $80,000 worth of jobs. That is someone’s yearly salary right there!”

Achieving a revenue on that scale so early in the business was more than a pleasant surprise for Ozan, it validated the risk he took.

“My wife was very supportive of my move to be my own boss, so she was very pleased at how well I did straight away.

“When I had told my mum I was going to buy a business, she told me not to do it. ‘You’re doing well at work, don’t risk it,” she said. Now, after the first month she’s very happy too.

“I’ve made my money back in the first month. I can pay off the business, and pay off the tools.”

Ozan’s new endeavour is delivering more money and more freedom than he achieved as an employee.

Good reputation helps win the jobs

“Everything is going well and I am already booked out for the next six weeks. There’s no boss to answer to and you can push yourself to achieve on your own,” he says.

“I have my own business, but I have support. Fenceology has such a good name it is a trusted company with a great reputation, and heaps of work. They play their part by sending you the leads and you have to do your part – you have to win the jobs.”

Ozan believes customers seek out the brand because of the high standard of work reflected in the great reviews it achieves online.

“Customers can see they are getting what they pay for, whether that’s a small job like getting a gate fitted or a major fencing project.”

Ozan manages his working week by focusing on fence building during the week and using time at the weekend to follow up quotes with customers.

“I like to concentrate on getting the jobs done – it’s important to get the work done and get it right first time.”

Enjoying the variety

Ozan was based at the same location every day when he was working in civil construction. It’s a very different story now.

“I’m not stuck on one site, I’m seeing different placers each day, meeting people. It’s a great feeling. I feel l am contributing to the community.

“I enjoy working by myself and thought I would be doing this for a long time. Now though I am already thinking ahead about recruiting some employees.”

That will take him full circle back to his original goal of being a leader – with the added bonus that it’s for his own company.

“My long term goal now as my own boss is to run a team and take on a leadership and management role in my own business.”

Investing in a strong future

Ozan is confidently planning for a prosperous future. The Fenceology franchisee’s impressive start to business has enabled him to upgrade his vehicle to a brand new Toyota Hilux SR5, to better service his growing client base and boost revenue.

Ozan has changed his life; he can already see an improvement in his financial situation, and he’s planning for a bigger and better future with Fenceology.

“Franchises are good investments; sometimes you have to take a risk, and this was well worth it,” he says.