CouriersPlease EV franchise partner

CouriersPlease franchisee leads the charge with an EV

Sarah Stowe

When Manider Manider joined CouriersPlease as a franchise partner he was excited to join a courier firm with the potential for him to grow his business.

“I saw an opportunity and had a few friends working with CP who recommended it.,” he says.

Manider already had experience as an owner driver in a logistics company. The lifestyle suits him – he enjoys the Monday to Friday work schedule and having time for his two-year old son at the weekend.

He also loves being his own boss in a business that has a strong sustainability focus.

Leading the way as CouriersPlease first EV franchise partner

Last year the business trialled an electric delivery vehicle and Manider is the proud operator of the first 100 per cent electric vehicle (EV) in the CouriersPlease fleet.

Leasing the EV saves him money, and he will be able to purchase a new vehicle after the lease term has expired.

“This is an ideal vehicle for me and my Caroline Springs, Melbourne territory. It’s a big 2 tonne van, so I can fit in all my deliveries – I have about 200 deliveries in a day,” he says.

Manider charges the van at the depot, driving his car to work the half-hour distance from home.

“The running costs are minimal, it is much better than petrol,” he says.

He’s leading the charge on the EV front and is fired up to grow his fledgling business.

In his previous courier role he dealt solely with commercial clients; what attracted Manider to the CouriersPlease business model was the mix of customers.

Meeting customer needs

“I pick up from both commercial and residential clients and deliver mostly to residential customers. I enjoy meeting some of the customers face-to-face when a delivery requires a signature and I’m getting to know my regulars. This builds up relationships, and I know from my time in real estate how important that is to business,” says Manider.

“Most customers use more than one courier business. If they like my work they might switch couriers for pick up and deliveries,” he says.

He is confident he can provide the service customers are seeking.

“They are mostly looking for fast service.”

Manider says he trained with a fast-paced franchise partner so he could adopt the learnings in his daily routine.

“Speed and efficiency are important in this business,” he says.

Manider sometimes collects as many as 50 boxes from big retailers like K-Mart.

“CouriersPlease provides a scanner so I don’t need to use my phone to receive messages or orders. Most pick-ups are in the system before we start delivery and I check the scanner regularly for updates.”

Driving business to succeed

Just a few months as a CouriersPlease franchise partner and Manider has mastered the routes and the processes.

“I had a couple of weeks training on the CouriersPlease specifics, but I understood the general process from my previous experience. And once you start working by yourself, the system works easily.”

Manider starts work at 6.30am, sorting parcels and loading his van, and is out on the road by 9am.

Inevitably some days are busier than others, with midweek typically a peak period for pick-ups and deliveries.

He is looking to add some more pick-ups to his run, and as the business develops, add in a few drivers to help manage the load.

“I could look to sell off part of the territory business when it becomes too much to handle but I would rather keep it and employ drivers,” he says.

“I’m more of a business guy. I enjoy working for myself. You are your own boss; you learn and create your business day by day. That’s what I enjoy, and CouriersPlease has given me the foundation to build on,” Manider says.