Miniso Australia
Miniso Australia
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Business established:
Total business units:
39 stores nationwide by end of 2023

Miniso, the multinational retail chain originating from China, has established a significant presence in Australia with its unique business model. Since entering the Australian market, Miniso has gained popularity among consumers seeking affordable yet stylish lifestyle products. Miniso’s stores in Australia offer a wide range of merchandise across various categories, including home decor, stationery, electronics, cosmetics, kithcenware, toys, and fashion accessories.

Miniso has successfully obtained licenses from reowned entertainment giants, Disney and Marvel, allowing them to offer a wide range of merchandise featuring beloved characters from these iconic brands. These licenses have further enhanced Miniso’s appeal to customers by combining their trendy and affordable product offerings with the magic of Disney and the thrilling world of Marvel. With a commitment to identifying and capitalizing on consumer trends, Miniso regularly introduces new products to keep up with changing preferences.

This strategy allows customers in Australia to experience the latest global trends in a convenient retail environment. Miniso’s presence in Australia extends beyond major cities, with stores located in various regions across the country. Its retail locations are strategically chosen to maximize foot traffic, including shopping malls, city centers, and popular retail destinations. The company’s emphasis on creating a unique shopping experience through well-designed stores and a wide product selection has contributed to its success in the Australian market. Miniso’s business operations in Australia are supported by a combination of company owned and franchised stores.

This strategy ensures both consistency in brand experience and flexibility in expanding into new areas. By partnering with local entrepreneurs and investors, Miniso has been able to extend its reach and establish a strong presence in various regions throughout Australia.

Benefits of joining Miniso

  • Be Your Own Boss

Miniso is seeking enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about our brand, values and products

  • Leading Brand

Leading brand with a diverse community in over 90 countries. We encourage a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

  • Full Support

Our experienced operations team provide all our business partners with ongoing support.

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Marketing Support:

Miniso’s Marketing Team manages all national campaigns and social media, enabling you to concentrate on your business. At the national level, our marketing calendar includes above-the-line and below-the-line advertising, new product development, seasonal campaigns, and digital development. Our local marketing team, in collaboration with your Area Manager, helps drive marketing activities within the community.

Training & Support:

At Miniso, we understand that the success of our franchise parnters is crucial to our overall brand growth. Therefore, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that our franchise partners are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to run a successful Miniso store.

1. Initial Training Program: 

– Franchise Operations: We provide in-depth training on all aspects of operating a Miniso store, including store set up, visual merchandising, inventory management, and sales techniques. 

– Product Knowledge: Franchise partner receive extensive training on our product range, including features, benefits, and target demographics, enabling them to effectively showcase and sell our products.

– Systems and Procedures: We familiarize franchise partners with our operational systems, point-of-sale (POS) software, inventory management tools, and other essential procedures to ensure smooth operations.

2. Store Setup Assistance:

– Site Selection: We offer guidance and support in selecting an ideal location for your Miniso store, considering factors such as foot traffic, target market, and local demographics.

– Store Design and Layout: Our expert team assists franchise partners in optimizing their store layout, ensuring efficient product placement, and creating and inviting and customer-friendly environment.

– Visual Merchandising: We provide guidance on visual merchandising techniques, including product display, signage, and promotional materials, to maximize sales potential and enhance the shipping experience.

3. Ongoing Operational Support:

– Dedicated Area Manager: Each franchise partner is assigned a dedicated Area Manager who serves as the main point of contact for all operational inquiries, support, and guidance.

– Regular Business Reviews: We conduct regular business reviews with franchise partners to assess store performance, address challenges, and identify opportunities for improvement.

– Operational Guidelines: We provide comprehensive operational guidelines and manuals that cover various aspects of store management, ensuring consistency across all Miniso locations.

– Supply Chain Management: Our franchise partners benefit from our established global supply chain network, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality products and timely replenishment.

Upfront investment

  • Franchise fee: $50,000
  • Site/fit-out fee: $150,000 - $250,000
  • Other: N/A

Ongoing fees

  • Royalty: 7%
  • Administration or management fee: N/A
  • Marketing fees: 3%
  • Other: N/A

At the end of the Franchise Agreement

  • Transfer fee: $10,000

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team image

Peter ZHAO

team image

Jason YONG

Franchise Business Development Manager
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National Sales & Operations Manager
team image

Vince YU

Head of Supply Chain
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Area Manager (NSW)
team image

Alex LU

Area Manager NSW
team image

Sabrina Xiao

Franchise coordinato
team image

Natalie YEUNG

Purchasing Officer

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