Coaching Zone
Franchise commenced:

Ease back into fitness or find a new zone that challenges you.
Coaching Zone provides unlimited 45-minute group personal training sessions for the beginner through to the advanced. Each incorporates the latest techniques and MyZone heart rate technology, helping you better your performance time and time again.
With what you do outside of your Coaching Zone sessions being equally as important as the 45-minutes that you spend with us, we finish all Coaching Zone sessions with community coaching. This is your time to get the guidance or support that you may need from our expert coaches to get just that little bit closer to reaching your goals.
Taking our support one step further is our Coaching Zone mobile app. An “in-your-pocket” tool that contains a nutrition portal with hundreds of healthy recipes, a food diary and a shopping list – the perfect partner in helping you take charge in your planning, and ultimately staying on track to success.
Your support network doesn’t end there. Our amazing community of like-minded members empower not only one another but also us. You can experience and be a part of this community through our sessions and social events.

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