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Combine Air Training is a high altitude training phenomenon that unlocks the science that elite athletes have been using for over 50 years to gain a competitive advantage – delivering it to the mainstream market as the ultimate fun, engaging and diverse health and fitness service.

Combine Air Training is the ultimate alternative fitness and training model. The hypoxic training environment enhances the body’s physiological adaptations facilitating an enhanced overall training session.

Combine Air Recovery supports Combine Air Training to help ALL-STARS recover faster so they can train harder.


In an industry worth over $2.5 billion Australia wide people seek to become fitter, stronger, leaner and ultimately healthier & happier through many modalities of exercise, none that can scientifically deliver the results CA can.

CA combines the most scientifically conducive exercise environment with world class programming structures which will change the game in how people exercise forever.

CA presents a truly unique world class offering, it presents the opportunity for franchisees to be part of a groundbreaking training model that delivers a unique point of difference in the expanding yet competitive health and fitness space.

Combine Air Benefits:

  • Scientifically proven point of difference
  • Innovative & comprehensive plug & play systems
  • Sales & Operations systems tailored to real time data and support teams
  • Marketing that stands out, leading to long term members & high engagement
  • Protection through larger territories & ability to establish multiple locations within your exclusive territory
  • Franchise Model that supports and facilitates growth

Our Franchise Model:

The Combine Air franchise model, like its training environment, is unique and revolutionary, designed to provide its partners with a strong competitive advantage and protection that drives growth and long term business success and profitability. Minimum length of agreement is 5 years with 2 x 5 year option

Unique and significant scientifically proven point of difference in one of the world’s fastest emerging markets.

Authority within the fitness industry facilitating a superior mode of training delivered through diverse service offerings and flexible training options.

Strong brand identity with real purpose supported by extensive IT, operating and reporting platforms to enable real time business management along with sustainable business growth.

The Combine Air Team are a collective group of like minded individuals who have vast amounts of experience within both the business and fitness sectors.

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7 day Academy for all Senior Club Staff & Franchisee owners before club launch.

Included in the Franchise costing is the Pre Launch and Launch campaign which CA Head Office will co-ordinate for the franchisee to assist with business performance in the launch phase.

CA Head office will have a weekly consultation “Health Check” with the Franchisee and Club Manager for the first three months to evaluate performance and provide feedback and guidance as required. As the business matures this will be on a monthly basis ongoing.

New marketing campaigns and asets provided every 8 weeks to drive club performance.

Ongoing mentoring and staff development provided by CA.

Real time performance reporting provided daily, weekly and monthly.


Upfront investment

  • Franchise fee: $560,000.00
  • Site/fit-out fee: $570,000.00
  • Other: N/A

Ongoing fees

  • Royalty: N/A
  • Administration or management fee: $600/weekly
  • Marketing fees: To the discretion of the franchisee (HQ to suggest spends)
  • Other: 8.5% of monthly revenue (first 3 months fee free)

At the end of the Franchise Agreement

  • Transfer fee: N/A

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