Does Auto Masters franchisee Warren D’Cruz have the dream job?

Sarah Stowe

Franchisee Warren D’cruz was once a boy who couldn’t afford soccer boots. Now he is an award-winning business owner.

Warren moved to Australia from the UK at 17, two years after leaving school, and he hasn’t looked back.

The Auto Masters franchisee scooped up the multi-unit franchisee of the year award from the Franchise Council of Australia. 

“I used to love football but I never went to the park, I never had anything as a kid. When I played soccer at 14, I had no football boots. My mum and dad worked shift work. My mum worked 6 am to 2 pm, my dad worked 2 pm to 10 pm. They never saw each other,” he says. “I think it drove me.”

Warren remembers the empowering moment of buying his first football with his first pay packet.

So how did he get into franchising?

Auto Masters franchisee

“I used to work as a mechanic. I felt I’d gone as high as I could go and I was looking to buy a business. It’s probably a good thing I bought a franchise because otherwise I would have done it on the cheap.

“With the franchise I spent more money but it’s paid off. My wife felt more comfortable too!”

As a proactive franchisee, he has a very good relationship with the franchisor. He loves to get feedback.

We meet every three months, he sees all the financials and puts me on the right track. I set the goals and he definitely keeps me accountable, like a business coach.

“I’m a hard working person but I need that guidance. I need the systems, I’ve also got my own systems so my staff follow my customer service rules, that’s what I do outside Auto Masters.”

Is this the dream job?

Warren owns four outlets, three in Western Australia, one in South Australia, and there’s another WA store on the cards. An operations manager oversees a lot of the business.

Successful turnover is totally about having the right people. With the Adelaide store I turned around, I went through a lot of staff; I kept going until I had the right people. Then I really look after them. I find it very easy, we’ve got it down pat.

“The reason I went to multiple units was about lifestyle. I work from home every day because I have back-up everywhere, and failsafe options. I am looking at more outlets, perhaps up to 10.”

Even though he’s not in frontline operations on a daily basis, Warren works on his business non-stop. He’s kept his passion all these years.

“I love what I do. Thirteen years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of being where I am today. I have the freedom to go away a lot on a lot of holidays. A lot of my friends say I have the dream job.”