“Getting shi*t done” – ZADI Training to launch 50 studios in two years

Nick Hall

Boutique female fitness studio ZADI Training is preparing for a monster 2020, outlining plans to launch up to 50 studios in the next two years.

While it’s an ambitious goal for a fresh new concept, the announcement hardly comes as a surprise. The exercise science backed HIIT and strength training model has been a success from day one, with ZADI’s inaugural Surry Hills studio capturing a wealth of media attention.

The fresh blend of nightclub, lifestyle and fitness environments introduced an innovative approach to the local market, but now 18 months on, ZADI Training founder Adala Bolto is unveiling the next step in the brand’s impressive journey.

“We have been a little quiet lately, but that’s because we’ve really been heads down, working on our systems,” Bolto told Inside Franchise Business.

“We’ve brought on a few new investors, and there was a big focus on making sure that we are all aligned in terms of goals and strategy before moving on a public announcement.”


It seems the strategy has paid off. A whirlwind ride has seen the chain grow its social media presence to over 11,000 followers on Instagram, despite only operating two studios, making ZADI Training one of the most talked about home-grown boutique offerings.

“Women are driving that fitness change. They want specialisation, they want it to be better and they want to be surrounded by like-minded people,” Bolto said.

“Everything, from the vibe to the lighting to the way that we greet them and how we present ourselves has to be specific so that women will want to be part of that community. It really has to be something premium that appeals to women who know what they want. We see ourselves as a group of badass women who get shit done.”

It’s an ethos the brand is making good on.

ZADI Training 2020 vision

Since taking on the new investors, ZADI has significantly bolstered its franchisee-facing processes, allowing for a more seamless intake of partners.

“We are so committed to building the best systems and processes to allow us to become the best franchisee-focused fitness brands that Australia has ever seen,” Bolto explained.

“We know that it’s values and overall experience that drives people to get into business. It’s already challenging enough, we really want to make it less challenging. By ensuring our processes are as simple and user-friendly as possible, we can help tackle some of the challenges straight out of the gate.”

In addition to the massive domestic growth plans, the brand has also earmarked international expansion as a key goal over the next few years.

“We are wanting to open 40 to 50 studios in the next 18 to 24 months, but on top of that, global expansion is still a strong medium to long term goal,” Bolto said.

“That has been a major reason why the investors have joined; because they see the massive growth potential for ZADI globally. We aren’t a niche offering. We don’t just do boxing, or just pilates, we’re a one-stop shop for everything, it’s a realistic approach to fitness.”

The entrepreneur confirmed ZADI Training is in early conversations to launch the model across high-growth regions in Asia, as well as embarking on a full-scale US expansion, but the opportunities aren’t limited.

“Being a female-only brand, there is big potential in the Middle-East. Looking the way we look, as a premium, high-performance business, Middle-Eastern women really resonate with that,” Bolto said.

“However, our main focus in the medium term is Asia. There is so much growth in the region for fitness, we really believe there is a strong market for our business.”

ZADI Training currently operates two studios, at Surry Hills and Neutral Bay in Sydney with further Australian growth to come later this year.