Beauty business success for Ella Baché franchisees

Sarah Stowe

At just 29 years of age Kimberley Neall is a beauty business success. Kimberley is the proud owner of Ella Baché West Lindfield and says she wouldn’t change it for the world.

Kimberley runs the salon where she was first employed straight out of beauty school and already employs two full-time and two casual employees.

Dream comes true in beauty business

“A matter of days after graduating from Ella Baché college I was offered a job at Ella Baché West Lindfield.” Kimberley says. “It was a dream come true for me.”

She learned the ropes at the West Lindfield salon for three years. Then Kimberley broadened her career. She was Ella Baché ’s counter manager at two David Jones stores and worked for two years at Ella Baché’s head office.

“Then an opportunity came along that I couldn’t say no to.” Kimberley says.

“The West Lindfield salon came up for sale – where I had first cut my teeth – and I knew I had to take the plunge into the business world. It was now or never.”

Kimberley says that since buying the salon she has worked very hard but that the rewards are worth it.

“From when I was a teenager I’ve always loved Ella Baché’s products, and I still do. It’s such a reputable brand,” Kimberley says. “That’s why I love where I am right now in life – it’s hard work, but I really believe in what I’m doing and I know in years to come I’ll reap the rewards.”

Kimberley is a relative newcomer to the business world but fellow Ella Baché franchisee Stacey Small has more than 27 years experience in skin care.

Stacey also began her career at the Ella Baché College in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

In the beauty business for 27 years

“When I was little my grandmother gave me a small manicure set, and I’ve been hooked on good grooming ever since.” Stacey reveals. “I like making people feel good about themselves so it has always been the career for me.”

Stacey worked at Ella Baché salons at Dubbo and Edgecliffe, as well as the Ella Baché counter at David Jones before taking the giant leap into business ownership.

Her business-owner father encouraged her to make the change.

“I had some great experience in salons and retail and I had been mentored by women in the industry whose work practices I really admired,” Stacey says. “I adopted these same work practices in my own first business and I’m very glad I did.”

Stacey’s first shop was a small single owner-operator business in Newtown.

“I worked six days a week by myself in the early days and it was hard work. But then word started to spread and the business grew to a point where I could finally employ people.”

Stacey went on to own and operate a number of Ella Baché salons including her current store at Broadway. Stacey says she’s now in the enviable position of being able to take a step back and reflect on the philosophy of her small business empire.

“I think the thing I enjoy most about being a business owner with Ella Baché is helping to empower other young people who are just like me when I first started. I enjoy mentoring others and get a genuine thrill when I see them achieve their goals.”

Beauty business success

Ella Baché CEO Pippa Hallas says the career trajectories of Kimberley and Stacey are typical of graduates of the Ella Baché college.

“Around 28 per cent of our college graduates go on to become Ella Baché franchise business owners,” Pippa reveals.

“Our support doesn’t stop once the graduation ceremony is over. Our graduates are now ‘our people’ and we actively work to help launch their careers.”

The Ella Baché college was established back in 1963. It is still dedicated to providing training that sets a high standard for therapists in the industry including business management skills.

“We teach subjects that will enable therapists to take on management roles or eventually become business owners. We cover topics like business planning, marketing, and finance management, so that our graduates are more than just skilled technicians. It gives them an advantage in the marketplace and a skill set that is highly desirable.”

“Women rule in this business and our model enables a lifestyle and career path that helps women to dream big and succeed.”

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